Wednesday, 23 November 2011


A few weeks ago I was told by my manager that I wasn't working enough! Since we don't have nine to five jobs, it sometimes makes it harder to actually reach the 173,3 hours of work needed in a month. Especially when work is very thin on the ground. But to then blame me is a bit much I thought and I told him so as well: if you want me to reach the hours, plan better! I will work!!

So, over the last few weeks I have been working more than 'normal'. Last week was a six-day week for me, filled with school runs, army rides, more school runs and yes, even more school runs. This week it was going to be more of the same, even if today is an easy day: just the hither in the morning and the tither in the afternoon.

To top it all off, it has been extremely tiring to drive lately: we have had a persistent fog for about a week now and on Monday especially, it was hard going: visibility going down in some cases to less than 50 meters! Very tiring on the eyes, even if I do sport a fancy yellow pair!

Whenever I have a few minutes in between runs or even during a run, I am cramming my head with Norwegian words. I thought it would be easy, but I don't know whether I underestimated the language or overestimated my ability to learn a new language, but it is proving to be harder than I thought. The reading and writing and even the hearing are okay, but the speaking? Ten words on paper and you can just hear one single sound! Incredible. I've found a solution though: Norwegian radio and every time I recognize a word or phrase I whoop. Not much whooping yet though, but it will come! After all, I only know about three hundred words so far! And according to the dictionary I just got there are a few more out there!!! Just a few...

Anyway, my head is just about swimming with Norwegian words, fog and work and (og) unfortunately (dessverre) there hasn't been a lot (mange) of time to write (skrive) my blog or read (lese) any other blogs.  


  1. I am impressed with your dedication to language as well as your apparent facility for it.

  2. I'm impressed too. My kids are in French immersion because it was my dream to speak French.

  3. Helemaal aan het eind van mijn lijst van blogs die ik volg staat een Noorse fotograaf. Via zijn blog kun je vast andere Noorse bloggers vinden (de fotograaf blogt niet zo vaak).

    Ik weet zeker dat je de Noorse taal snel onder de knie hebt. En als je daar eenmaal woont spreek je het binnen een mum van tijd vast vloeiend.

    Kan me voorstellen dat die mist voor jou echt heel vervelend is. Ik ben ondertussen vergeten wat voor uitzicht we ook alweer hebben tegenover ons huis. Het is al zo lang effen grijs ;-)

  4. The radio is a great idea. It will eventually click! Glad your working more. We have had heavy fog this year which is not normal at my house.

  5. My goodness! You are industrious! The radio is a good idea. I am reviewing my French, by reading Claude's blog. I find I'm gradually remembering more. But reading and understanding is one thing. Speaking it is a whole other ball game!

  6. I'm just catching up on your blog...I have missed a lot! :)


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