Thursday, 27 January 2011

I am sailing...

My mother told me this morning that there were a lot of photos of my parents floating about on the internet. When I heard that I was quite surprised, since I don't know about that. But, since my mother is quite the digitally challenged I had to wait for my dad to be home so I could find out exactly what this was all about.

When he phoned me back about an hour later it took me a while to find out what they were talking about and even my dad couldn't find the photos at first. Until something clicked with me: photobucket. Back in the days of my very very first Dutch blog (around 2005/2006), I had put up quite a few photos of some of the trips I did. Also several photos of little outings with a singles club which I thought were lost in the big crash (the one where I hit my computer and killed it stone dead). In the end I downloaded them all on my computer again and then deleted them from public view.

So, which photos did I find? Well, the one at the top for example. This was taken sometime in 2006 or 2007 when I took some sailing classes with that singles club. Day one had been cloudy and there had hardly been any wind. Day two had the sun come out and the wind pick up. I tried and tried to do some proper sailing, but I never really got the hang of it. I am great with the 'doing as you're told' bit, but doing it by myself proved a lot more difficult. I think I will stick to driving a bus!


  1. I've been sailing for more years than I care to remember and still - deliberately - don't know what to do on a boat. I can steer and that's about it but I really don't like sailing ;-)

  2. I love sailing, but I'm not much help. Like Janice, I can steer (with wheel or tiller) but my sense of balance has never been good, so I'm no help on the foredeck, etc.
    You really look like you know what you're doing in the photo, though, Mara. I was all set to make admirey noises until I read what you'd written. LOL
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. I have never sailed. I am not real comfortable on the water. I just went and made sure my photos are locked at photobucket. I really don't have many family photos there just my ornaments and a few select pictures that I have put frames around.

  4. They say that in some way, things are out there on the net forever.

  5. what a great find! It's nice to be able to retrieve what you thought was lost.
    I lived on a sailboat for about a year. It makes you feel very free.

  6. its weird because on my new phone just becsue i put my e mail in it to get my e mails it put every picture i ever put on my blog and it included a whole years worth that I actually deleted before I had started my blog back up and it said when i had deleted it that it was deleted for good but i guess not because they all came up. none of the posts come up but just the pictures. hailey and i typed in our names once and because of facebook and all these social sites a ton of pictures come up. type in your first and last name in gogle or whatever and put pitures and there they are. scary hu?
    freaks me out I can tell ya that.

  7. Interesting to know that some pictures of you are floating around in internet, lol ! I never put my feet on a sailing boat, motor boats yes and even a cruise ship. For the rest I am far too lazy.

  8. Hubs and I once took a week of sailing lessons during a holiday in Friesland. Of course this was the one week without wind in the whole year, so we spent most of the time stuck in the 'riet' (too lazy too look up the English word for it). Don't think I'm cut out to be on the water. It makes me puke if there is wind.

    Lovely photo.

  9. I LOVE sailing!
    Have sailed for many years, and it was always a lot of fun. Sailing always gave me a headache.... because a good sailor is wet in the outside... and on the inside!

    We would go to Terherne, Friesland and rent boats.
    It's been a 3 years since I have sailed.... I miss it.

  10. I took a sailing class in college, but we never actually went sailing! Strange, huh? So all that knowledge I learned is practically useless.


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