Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Alphabet

My first book 'The Weighty ABC' is about to go global. Well, as long as people buy it I mean, otherwise it will only be a book by me and for me. Interested? Click on the thingy on top of the sidebar and off you go...

I managed to figure out the paypal thing and the other thing about the book and combine it all and ah well, you get the idea!


  1. Wow, you did figure out a lot. Way to go. My mind would go into overdrive and spin out if I tried to do something like that.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. The first inside cover with the big mound hill was one of my very fav posts you wrote about. It was so interesting to me.
    Im real proud of you my friend. is there a way i can put that as a side bar for my followers to see in case they want to buy one from you?

  3. Yeah! Yippee! And, did it turn out as you expected?

  4. Very interesting. You used Blurb too, which is the one I've heard off. Maybe I will order -- in February as resources are running a bit thin due to various expenses this month.

  5. Wow that was quick. Unfortunately it takes hours to load.
    I have downloaded my posts now but can't get them on the pages ! I think I made something wrong. Now I am so disappointed that I left it for the moment. I know what I made wrong or at least I think so, but can't correct it. Now I am sitting there with all my posts and have empty pages !
    Do you have an idea ?

  6. I am so impressed. It looks beautiful. I don't know how you got all the buying stuff figured out. You should be very proud of yourself.


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