Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Stupid stupid stupid

I could have walked twice with my groceries that I didn't buy (don't worry, I didn't nick them, I got them fair and square and completely for free). But after a few beers I needed to go to the toilet. Badly. So I got everything in at once. The bag with brown cheese rolls. The bag with white ham rolls. The bag with raisin rolls. The bag with apples. And the bag with 3,5 liters of juice (nearly a gallon). All hanging from one finger!

The result? During the 30 seconds walk from shed to front door, that juice nearly killed my finger! By the time the door was opened, the bags were dumped on the floor and my coat was off, my finger felt decidedly bad. Deadish. Numb. And now, nearly a day later, the tip of that finger is still feeling strange.

Next time? I leave all the groceries and head straight for the loo!


  1. If it was me I would have to leave them outside and dash for the loo! hope the fingers are better.

  2. I know the feeling, I did that once, but, it was better in an hour or so. I never did that again. I hope your finger is doing fine today and the feeling is back.

  3. LOL- now are you gonna tell us how you got all your groceries for free?

  4. So funny! Sorry about the finger. The older you get the more you will have to rush.


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