Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I was wrong

There, I've admitted it. I was wrong. I will capitalise it for you: I WAS WRONG!!! And what was I wrong about? Work. What else?

On Monday morning (very early) I wrote about how the worst part of my job must be the waiting. Well, guess what: I WAS WRONG!!! Because it isn't. Not by a long stretch. The worst part of my job must be the waiting while your coach has broken down, you don't know what it is and the mechanic is still on its way and/or trying to fix the problem!

Which was (obviously) what happened yesterday. I might have known in the middle of the day, but it was light out. And I didn't need all those lights on my dashboard. So, I never noticed they didn't work anyway. It wasn't until it was getting dark that I noticed I couldn't see how fast I was going. Or any of the other meters that are quite handy. I asked someone about my headlights and they were working fine. It was only the small lights that weren't. And when I got overtaken on the motorway by a lorry, the driver hooted at me and pointed at the rear of my coach: my tail lights weren't working either.

Which fuse shall we try?

I turned on the fog light, so I would at least be visible and just before total darkness and just before my very last trip of the day, I parked and started to find out what was wrong. I quickly ruled out anything wrong with the lights. For all of them to conk out at the same time? No, I didn't believe that for a second. Next thing on the list was a blown fuse. But that would mean about six or seven would have had to blow at the same time. We did try to replace a few, but still nothing worked. The last thing we could think of was a fault in the switch's wiring. But since I am no mechanic and don't really fancy getting zapped into next year: I phoned a mechanic.

Fortunately the mechanic didn't have far to go and quickly set to work. He also ruled out broken lights and broken fuses and realised it was the switch's wiring. Oh and the lights of the numberplate had shorted out. In the end he had everything fixed and I was good to go! Only an hour and a half late...


  1. Vehicle troubles are frustrating and irritating.

  2. Breakdowns at the side of the road in the dark. Ah, good times!

  3. All breakdowns are the worse whether it be a bus or car. So happy that you were able to get it fixed.

  4. And did you have a coachload of irate passengers aboard?

  5. Oh, how frustrating for you! And with so many people all tuttings at you no doubt, too!

    Glad you got it fixed. There's something wrong with our VW campervan's electrics and it's been in to the garage twice and they can't find the problem! The indicator dashboard lights don't work, cruise control, traction control, ABS, parking sensors - all out of action. No-one knows why!



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