Thursday, 26 August 2010

Soppy socks and other mishaps

It was not a good day today. The first mishap was not my fault. If my boss gives me the wrong address to start work... Fortunately my brain was working at 8.30am (doesn't always happen, I admit) and I asked. So, I got to the right address and was even in time!

The second mishap couldn't really be thought of being my fault either. Since the first address wasn't right, I could easily believe that the second address was wrong as well. So, when the teacher told me I had to go to the first address, I happily complied. I then drove back to school, where the headmistress told me I had dropped the first group off at the wrong address.

The third mishap? Not really my fault either. Can I be to blame for all the rain that was coming down today? It wasn't even cats and dogs. It was tigers and wolves, ferocious and scary. Well, not exactly scary, but there was a lot of water. Big puddles. Hard to miss when walking to my parents' home. So, I arrived at my parents' with soppy socks. Awful.

Of course the day was not done yet. As I was driving towards my last job of the day, I took the route I usually take when coming from home. But I wasn't home, I was at my parents'. Which meant I was taking the long route to the job. Fortunately I was in time, so I could pick up annoying people.

After I dropped the annoyment off, drove back to base and cycled home, I wanted to get my feet warm again. I had taken the soppy socks off at my parents' house and had been barefooted in my shoes. So, when I took my wet shoes off, guess what: blue feet!

To top the day off? Sophie throwing up again. It's a good thing I've got tomorrow off. I think...


  1. The planet mercury is in retrograde- which means it is moving backwards- which people believe makes for some bad stuff happening. Computers act up, people act up, everything is a bit bonkers. Til sept 13.

  2. Whoa, what a day! You have my permission to run away.

    P.S. Write!

    P.P.S. Believe it or not, my word verification is "ouchi"!

  3. Ha ha. Hope you are enjoying today in a warm and dry sort of way.

  4. Some days come to a close none to soon, eh?

  5. Oh I hate days like this! Hope your feet dry out :-)

  6. Een rotdag, zo gezegd. Have a nice weekend with dry feet!

  7. What a day you had! Sorry. Sending you a ((HUG)). Hope today is better for you.


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