Sunday, 29 August 2010

Funny feeling

Sunset in Hörsten, Germany

That's what I have. A funny feeling. A funny feeling that summer is over. I should have known with the sniffles a few weeks ago. And of course the amount of rain causing soppy socks last week was also a big omen. Yesterday I put my sweater on for the first time in months and last night I put an extra blanket on my bed.

I like the autumn. Really I do. It means a stop to the unbearable heat of summer, beautiful autumn colours and fresh winds. It means thick socks (dry if you please), sweaters, extra blankets, hot chocolate with marshmellows and Christmas around the corner. But it also means rain, wind, cold and difficulty to get up in the morning.



  1. I know what you mean!

    We hebben vandaag voor het eerst de open haard weer aan. Heel gezellig, maar ik ben veel liever buiten in de tuin of met de paarden bezig. Die staan noodgedwongen ook maar binnen vanmiddag. Alles is te nat om ze buiten te zetten. Krijgen ze natte sokken van (serieus).

    Maar marshmallows in warme chocolademelk is geen slecht vooruitzicht ;-)

  2. I've been thinking the same myself. Summer seems to have been really short this year *sigh*.

    I love autumn - it's my favourite season. But I don't like the cold.

    Here's to warm socks and hot chocolate ;-)

  3. We were over past the 100's all last week and suddenly it's like 65 outside and cloudy. I imagine we will still have an Indian Summer.
    However our weather will never be as cold as yours.

  4. It's not over here. We are enjoying our usual end-of-august-back-to-school heat wave. Soon enough though.

  5. It's quite depressing all this talk of autumn. We have had no summer yet and probably won't now. I know this happens in Northern England -- but in Southern California?

  6. The leaves are beginning to fall so I know autumn is heading in but it's tough to believe it when it's 95. The good news is that the pool is earning its keep.

  7. Yes you are quite correct - summer is over - in fact it was over at the end of June in our part of the world.


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