Sunday, 16 August 2009


Have you ever met anyone who is perfectly nice and yet... Well, I have. I was invited yesterday to a little gathering/small party for an old colleague. Now, I say old colleague, but he left three years before I came, so why I was invited was a bit of a mystery, but never mind, I did know him.

The former colleague who had organised the party is a nice guy (he never let me start earlier than 6am) and his wife is really nice as well. It's just... she gets on my nerves, I don't know why. It might be because she has those strict views on things. And I know where she's coming from, it's just that I am so not that type of person and I feel she's judging me and finds me lacking.

I shouldn't really be bothered by it, I know. But it does annoy me a bit. Her being slightly patronizing and myself for being bothered by it.

The rest of the weekend passed okay. I only had water yesterday at the party and didn't really go to bed too late. I did however wake up with a heavy head and today my arms have occasionally felt as if they were made from something other than what they're really made of. I spent my time today preparing for Italy: figuring out which routes to take, finding out where the hotels are and then writing it all down, just in case my sat nav gives up the ghost on me!

Tomorrow morning a colleague will pick me up at 07.30am (!) so we can go clean my coach and I can get some bottled water for the road. The thing is, I still have to prepare for Scotland as well. I've known about Scotland for over two weeks now, so I could have been preparing for a lot longer, but hey, it's me! Last minute is my middle name. Well, actually Maria is, but ah, you know what I'm babbling about and I will stop now...

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