Thursday, 20 August 2009


Now, people who never watch Doctor Who will probably sit back and wonder: what on earth is she going on about now!? Well, during the season where Donna Noble joined the Doctor on his travels (2008), the first episode was about the Adipose. An alien-race who had lost their planet and therefor had no place to breed their children. A sollution was found in sending a nanny to earth, handing out lots of pills to overweight people and every night one little Adipose baby would come loose from the overweight person and return to the Mothership. In the end however, a person would be completely turned into Adipose babies, one baby for each kilogram!

The Doctor saved the world of course, the Adipose babies left earth with their Adipose parents, the nanny fell to her death and Donna brought her suitcases on board the TARDIS.

Now, the reason I tell you all this is not my fandom of Doctor Who, but this sign I saw in the Open air museum in Arnhem a few weeks ago. Adiposetten weight loss tablets for safe weight loss! Now I know where they got the name from!!!


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