Thursday, 6 August 2009


Chocolate and I don't mix. I know that. But it still doesn't stop me from having the odd bar now and then. Which in turn doesn't stop to give me a massive headache a few days later! Which just will not go away...

For four days I've had this thumping head now. Yesterday was reasonably okay and I didn't need any aspirins, but on the other days (including today) I've swallowed several aspirins just to try and control it.

Working with the sun blaring away (it was about 30 degrees Celsius today: we call that hot over here in the Netherlands) is not a great idea either. Getting up early (4am) also wasn't that fantastic.

Hopefully when I wake up early tomorrow morning (4am), my headache will have gone. And no more chocolate for me! I have learned my lesson (for now anyway...)


  1. I love chocolate too Mara. So far it hasn't given me a headache and I'm sorry that you suffer that. I try to ration myself once there is some in the house but once the packaging is open - all is lost! Do hope you feel better soon. A x

  2. Too bad - sorry you have that headache problem - I shouldn't eat chocolate, either, but I buy Hershey dark chocolate bars and eat just one of the tiny squares occasionally. It's not enough, but...

  3. I love chocolate; not being able to eat it is cruel.

  4. Are you trying to be cruel here people!?
    Headache has more or less lifted. I only needed one aspirin today (as opposed to five yesterday).


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