Sunday, 25 January 2009


I like baking. Apple pie, nutcake, pie made with Guinness (yup, the beer), chocolate cake. I used to make them for my annual tea party. And what tea party would be complete without biscuits, sandwiches and scones? So, every year I would try to make scones! And every year I failed miserably. My sister and friends loved my failure, naming my scones scookies, because they would be as flat as cookies, but have the taste of scones.
But, apart from loving my failure at making scones, my sister is a fairly nice sister and a while ago she gave me a 'scones' mixture. It couldn't be easier. Add water and raisins and hey presto! So, today I added water and raisins, rolled it out, cut out the shapes, popped them on an oventray and stuck them in the oven.
Twenty minutes later half baked scookies came out!
It's official: I can't bake scones...
ps: if you're wondering about how come I can post: I am using my old computer, which tends to crash easily (once so far, only today).

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