Saturday, 31 January 2009


I finally managed to get back online properly. It wasn't easy, but in the end (and after a whole hour on the phone to the help desk) I got through. It's quite a relief to be online again.

To celebrate my return to the www, I've decided to post some photos of my cats. I've taken them during the last few weeks, so they're new in my collection!

This is Linette, who has taken an incredible interest recently in both my laptop and my television. As soon as I turn on the computer, she will sit next to it and watch it. Occasionally she will also try and capture images, which is quite funny. Sometimes she will just sit behind the computer or television and probably wonder where everything has gone!
This is Wuppie. He must be one of the dumbest cats ever! But apart from being extremely dumb, he is also my big cuddly cat. He loves to sleep on my bed, preferably next to my knees and he doesn't mind very much when I move him out of the way so I can turn. He will be back in two seconds!
Sophie has lived in this house and with me for nearly ten years now. She was only six weeks when she arrived and was probably a bit young. She has grown up to be a very angry-looking cat, but she is lovely nonetheless. She will (after nearly ten years) sometimes come and sit on my lap. She's a neurotic and will probably cause me the most anxiety when I move to Canada: she doesn't take well to strangers or new places!
Mathilda is the one that is hardest to photograph, so I was extremely lucky to get this beautiful one. She loves to be close to me, driving me absolutely round the bend, since she will try and kiss everything about me: my face, books and hot cups of tea (and I can tell you: that hurts). Right now she is sleeping beside me and very contented with it...

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