Friday, 2 January 2009


I've been wanting to move to Canada now for the last five years I guess. I've been to emigration fairs, I've read everything I could find about moving to Canada and moving abroad in general, I've paid off my debt (Yes, I've done it!!!) and will now start saving to actually go. For the past few weeks I've been telling everyone that, yes, in a year and a half I hope to be in Canada.
Yesterday my parents were here to wish me a happy new year. I showed them my plans, how to save enough etc. And then my father came out with: but has the situation about you having to leave the country after two years changed? Ehm, no, but I will not worry about something that is at the very least three and a half years away from now. In the mean time so many things can change. His last words were: I don't think you'll ever make it. But in a very low voice!

From the moment I've told my parents about my plans to emigrate, my dad never believed I actually would. I've paid off a large debt, I'm making plans and still he doesn't believe. I think part of his not believing comes from the not wanting "his little girl" to move away. My younger sister moved to Northern Ireland three years ago and they weren't happy about that (understandibly). I've lived abroad in the past and my parents didn't like that. And when I moved out of my parents home to a small place in the same town my parents hated it! Oh, and when I write parents, read father!

Mind you, when my father says he doesn't believe I will ever make it across the pond, I get an extra impulse to go. Just to prove him wrong!


  1. We have a daughter a long way away of the west coast, so we know that it can be very difficult for parents. But in the end, you have to lie your life and them theirs. I hope it works out the way you want. As you know, you do get points for being so fluent in English.

  2. Hi Mara,
    We emigrated to Canada in 2003, and were so lucky to have supportive parents.
    Your determination and peserverance are such great qualities and so required when you emigrate. I think you have a great chance of success. Your father is probably saying that secretly hoping it will not happen because he wants you to stay close. Good luck with your plans Louise


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