Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Did I ever tell you about the dance lessons I took when I was younger? In my teenage years I took ballroom and latin dance classes for about five years. I was never one to go on to competitions and such, but I was ok and I liked dancing a lot. Since however, I have not danced again. Until last Friday that is. 

Here in Norway they don't really do ballroom or latin dancing. Nor do they go for the boring dancing across from each other. Here they swing dance! And I am rubbish at it!! It's like a sort of rock 'n' roll but not and there has been a fair share of toe stepping from me! But...

Last Friday was the first of two nights of swing dance classes organised by the welfare committee from work. We would learn some basic steps and hopefully I wouldn't be making a fool of myself. I don't think I did. After all, there was only one step for me to learn. Which on the first night I did to infinity and beyond. Step to the right, turn and another step to the right. I did it so often I got quite dizzy.

On Saturday it was the second night. I already felt my muscles from night one and they weren't going to be any better at the end of that session. I was twisting and turning, being thrown about at times, but having a blast! It was so much fun! And the best part? I didn't step on anybody's toes!!

I did get some photos of that night, but since every single one includes colleagues and most are quite blurry to boot, I will only include a photo of me doing some other sort of dance: the hokey cokey!


  1. Hari OM
    Ah yes, those dancing days... it is a wonderful thing to feel at least semi-competent on the dance floor so more power to your feet, m'dear! YAM xx

  2. Looks like fun. But are you sure it wasn't the hokey pokey?

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed it and it sounds like great exercise!


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