Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Sometimes it is just easier to do things yourself instead of depending on so-called men-in-the-know. As you know I had a flood last Friday. A big flood. It leaked somewhere and all I knew it was coming from underneath the shower cubicle.

The man-in-the-know (also known as the landlord) came and fiddled with the pipe and after about an hour of fiddling he declared it leak free. He tried the shower for several minutes and no water was coming, so great!

When I took a shower on Sunday I wasn't as trusting though and put a bathmat in a strategic place. Which was wet after my shower. It still leaked. I got down on all fours and then down on my stomach to try and locate the leak. Which I found easily: it was still dripping. I couldn't fix it though.

I had understood somebody would be along to repair the leak and stuff on Tuesday. Perhaps next Tuesday, because I didn't see anybody yesterday! But my laundry basket was overflowing and I wanted to be able to use the shower without having towels everywhere.

My birthday present of several years ago! Very much wanted!!
My toolbox at one point contained duct tape. Don't know where the point went, but the duct tape was no more. A saw or a hammer wouldn't be much use either and then my eyes landed on a small roll of innocuous looking white tape.

Of course: the gas tape! The tape used to close the possible gaps for gas pipes. I don't have any gas in this small wooden cottage in the Norwegian countryside, but a leaky pipe is a leaky pipe!

Running the washing machine after fixing(?) the leak was a nervous undertaking. All the dirty towels were heaped where it might leak and I checked about every two minutes! But I am glad and very proud to be able to say: the leak is no more.

See, all it takes was a woman!!


  1. Makes me think of the old Peggy Lee song, I'm A Woman.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh I can't tell you how many times the same thing has happened for me - sometimes I think the blokes looking for the tough stuff and forget to check for the obvious. It makes them feel worth their cuppa tea.

    I on the other hand, have yet to actually have a washing machine... I do however finally have a full and personal internet connection. Everybody shout YAAAYYYAYYYAYAYAAA. Yam. xx

  3. I agree with you ! the DIY method is the best ! Not in my case because I have two left hands, but when I have a trouble I ask my GIRL friend to help me, as Mr. G. became very rusty in the past he was quite good in repairs.


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