Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Not my car. Unfortunately...
Reading posts by others is often a game of remembrance for me. They write about how and where the drove cars and I remember the time I got my dad to curse like a docker. Something he is not prone to do at all at all! My dad is after all a nice man who doesn't curse. Unless it's to do with a hammer and his thumb. Or me driving onto a motorway.

Now, you have to picture the scene in your head. A young innocent girl (don't laugh) got her driver's license in the UK. Bought a car and when she moved back to the motherland, she took said car back. Occasionally something would be wrong with said car and it would need some tlc. Which was usually given by one of my dad's many colleagues. I don't know what he did on a day to day basis, but in the evenings he would take care of cars, mine being one of them. 

One day I had to leave my little red Fiat Panda behind and my dad allowed me to drive his car back home. All went smoothly, all went well. And then I was about to join the motorway. Well, hammers and thumbs in the way were nothing compared to me doing that! My dad went from a gentle man to a dockworker in a matter of milliseconds. 

I realised my mistake and reversed and when I took the proper entrance to the motorway (my dad still muttering at my side), we saw what we would have met had I continued on. A large lorry and trailer! I was not allowed to drive his car for a while after that. 

And if you haven't got the whole picture clear in your head yet: I drove the car up the exit ramp. Into oncoming traffic. Becoming a ghost driver (as they call them in the Netherlands). About to become a proper ghost driver (as in the dead version driver). 


  1. Oh, my goodness, that would be quite scary! I don't blame your dad for swearing that day!

  2. Did he have to change his underwear when he got home?

  3. Oh my....glad you didn't become a ghost! I remember swearing when I was teaching our children to drive.
    My husband took my son out once and a big crow was sitting in the parking lot they were practicing in. My husband told him to keep going, the bird will move....NOT! He killed the bird.

  4. Hari OM
    HHEHEHEH - so glad you posted about this Mara - I was thinking it was worthy of it when you responded to mine! Now look what you are driving... YAM xx

  5. So glad you did not become a ghost that day! Hope your weekend goes well for you.

  6. So far that never had happened to me ! Ghost driving is so dangerous ! You were lucky that nothing happens besides an excited father !


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