Monday, 17 March 2014

A bit of everything

Not my cat. I wasn't allowed to take her/him home. I sure wanted to though!
I had written a great post on Friday night. About men and wrenches and spirit levels and stuff. I saved the post about four or five times and then published it. Only to find out that only a tiny bit was posted and the rest was lost. Since I couldn't be bothered to write it again, I am sorry to say you all had to do without a piece of absolute brilliance and I know your lives are a little duller right now. 

The weekend passed with me getting the shelves for the bookcase from the store. Now I only need to build said bookcase and finally get my books in order. As opposed to how they are now: higgledy piggledy in a closet. Even my sister commented on it when she was here in November: not like me! Plus I got my computer cleaned a bit. I have had trouble with whatever and decided to transfer a lot of files from the C to the D. And then I found out why the trouble: when I used to listen to Norwegian radio back in the Netherlands, it apparently saved it to my computer. Without me knowing!

I deleted them all and all of a sudden there was a lot of free space again. Wow! Unfortunately when I started the computer up again the next day, several other things had gone as well. Which had me looking everywhere and trying to retrieve them again. Annoying. Luckily though, the computer still works. Even if most of my shopping sites have gone.

I have had a lot of excuses for me not going out and walk for about two weeks now. I had done something silly with my big toe and could hardly walk (for one day). I finished late. Or early. But Sunday I would go out. I would. I would! It rained. And there was a lot of wind. The television was nice as well! I didn't go out. 

So, a new week this week. Early mornings and late afternoons at work. Split shifts. The finals week of Masterchef Australia 2013. And hopefully a bit more sun and a little less rain. And a few walks inbetween work. 


  1. I know "higgledy piggledy" but some younger Canadians don't. I remember two young teachers being sent out of a seminar by the principal because they couldn't stop giggling at the use of the phrase.

  2. Hari OM
    We are soooo on a parallel curve... hehehehe. I don't have telly - but if I did, Masterchef would be on the viewing list. I hope to report an earlier organisation of books than one year - and the ladder? Six steps including the top platform, which takes me up as high again as my own shoulder. It's great. Very stable. Now to DO stuff... YAM xx

  3. Higgledy piggledy, love it! I knew something was off in my life, it was not getting your Friday post.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your book shelf when you finish. Glad you were able to figure that out with your computer. Crazy that it was recording that show. Sorry you lost some other things :(


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