Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tide Games

During the Tide Games I participated in two things: the precision driving and the old fashioned relay race. I had never tried precision driving before and it looked extremely difficult to me. Once I got started though, I realised it was extremely difficult in some places and other places were okay. 

I had to position the front of the bus over a circle and every centimeter off the center cost me points. (fail)

I had to pull a weight off of a barrel and then have it land in a bucket. (fail)

I had to pull two barrels apart to a certain distance enough for the bus to pass through. (I was okay-ish)

I had to touch a green bar while leaving the red one untouched (nailed it)

I had to drive past a cyclist with a distance of 1.20m! Obviously they have never been in Amsterdam! (9cm off, way to go!)

I had to back up the bus until the lights came on. (too far, the sirens went off)

I had to knock some green sticks down, while leaving the red ones standing. (four green, one red)

I had to park four meters away from an obstacle (way off)

I had to parallel park with a distance of 1.50m from the bus to the bar at the front. (nailed the parking, 84 cms off)

I had to park 1,50 meters away from an obstacle (only a few cms out)

I had to guestimate the height of a bar I had to pass under. (quite off)

I had to park the front wheels in a red square on the ground (short)

It was good fun to do and I managed okay-ish. I would have loved to know the score, but I forgot to ask! 


  1. The only thing I miss is : I had to run over an old lady with a shopping bag, lol !
    What a nice show !

  2. Bus and truck drivers amaze me with their skill, especially when I see a huge truck back into a tight space, which is what often seems to happen around here.

  3. Oh, yes, I admire professional drivers. For a brief while when I first started driving, I thought I'd like to drive a big truck, but the largest I ever drove was a pickup truck with a camper.
    But my driving record is good. A few speeding tickets 30-some years ago, that's all.
    I think you did wonderfully well, and I know what you mean about not hitting cyclists in Amsterdam.
    Luv, K

  4. Sounds like some fun challenges for a bus driver! I know I could never do them.....


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