Thursday, 19 September 2013


The good thing about a weekend away is that you usually have so much to tell it will take all week. And it was no different this time. 

Starting the three-legged race
As I told you I was in the old-fashioned relay at the Tide Games. We were eight in total and came in second (after those blasted Indians, who were so fast). However, we started off like a rocket. One of my colleagues just shot away and was first to the change over position. Another colleague took over and was almost as fast. Then came the three-legged race, which was a bit more difficult, especially since they were hindered somewhat by the later winners who were sprawled out on the floor. 

The eventual winners: big strong men!
I took over with the potato and spoon. But we were told to forget the spoon and just hold the potato between our knees! The winner (very tall) just jumped. I tried to walk and later on jumped. Until I keeled over, managed to just touch the ankle of my teammates and they wheelbarrowed the rest of the race. Finishing second. 

No blood!
With the fall I had of course grazed my knee (again). As one colleague said: you go out on a trip/tour and you come back injured. I guess she is right. I was able to get up though, it wasn't a major surgery-requiring injury or something. It was great fun though, although we might need some practice (or bigger stronger people) for next year!


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  2. It's good to see adults letting loose and having fun like children.

  3. Hari Om
    Oh Mara this is looking such fun - a great way to destress and strengthen your team!

    ...gotta say that you are looking a wee bit like a Loony Leprechaun in the top piccie thoug !!!

    YAM xx

  4. That looks like fun and I'm glad you gave it your all!!!!


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