Sunday, 8 September 2013

Photo on Sunday 2013-23

Well, I tried. I made my first batch ever... EVER! Jam, of course. That's what I am talking about. There are two pots of jam in the photo (the smaller ones), both blue plumjam and the bigger pot contains blue plums in red wine! I won't show you what the kitchen looked like though. 

Today I will continue with the red plums. A whole bucket full of them, so that will be several pots and then there's a whole bucket still on the tree! I heard you can just freeze them and then make jam whenever you want, but alas, my freezer is not big enough, so immediate jam it will be!

I just hope it all tastes well. Of course I didn't read the whole recipe properly before starting, so it might just be awful. Although the left overs (not enough to fill a pot) taste quite nice. I think I might make some custard tonight and use the left overs for that! Oooh, salivating already!


  1. Plum jam - delicious. My mouth is watering . . .

  2. Apparently, you are a domestic goddess.

  3. Way to go....I've never done any canning!

  4. Hari OM
    I've never met a jam I couldn't eat - some I couldn't catch (no setting) or tame (too lumpy) - so I'm putting my money on these being worth the effort!! YAM xx


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