Monday, 9 September 2013


I have shown you the photos. Of me on hikes. Long walks that lead to milk acid in legs, dizzy heads, blisters and excruciating muscle aches. Long walks that lead to beautiful spots, usually quite high over sea level. But I am not the only one on those hikes. There are loads of Norwegians loving nothing better than going on those hikes.

The brand of chocolate featured in the commercial is a popular brand. I use it when out on hikes. And to get me hiking even more, every single wrapper comes with another tour! All over the country.

That is not the reason I show you this video though. It's more to do with how it looks like when I am out on a hike. The hard terrain, the weather (although I have not yet experienced rain while out on a hike) and the breath-taking scenery.

Norway isn't so bad...

PS: before anybody asks: yes, long woollen underwear is a must in this country! I still have to buy them, although I do own a woollen shirt and woollen socks. They work a treat!


  1. Wonderful views of a gorgeous land. Oh, my that is some challenging trails. My MIL's lineage traces back to the Scandinavian regions. I know my husbands loves his mountains and hills.

  2. Enjoyed the video. The chocolate looks like a kit kat bar!

  3. I used to like hiking when I was young.
    Very young.

  4. It looks grand. Enjoy it while you can.

  5. That's the Norway I remember. Beautiful!


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