Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Glorious food

You may remember I posted a photo a couple of months ago of my face in apple blossoms. But not only do I have an apple tree, I also have two cherry trees and two plum trees. I never saw any of the cherries. Well, on the ground I did, but never hanging ripe in the tree. It was a free buffet for bugs and birds alike I think and maybe even a cow or two (I did after all find some organic fertiliser one day). Mind you, I didn't mind much, since I don't like cherries, so they were quite welcome to them.

The apples and plums however are a different story. And today I was finally able to harvest my first batch of plums. I have two different varieties: a blue version and I think a yellow/red version. The latter isn't yet ripe, the blue ones though are. And they are being eaten as well. By bugs and birds I guess. There are lots on the ground already and I added a few as well: too damaged and eaten already. I did however get a lovely batch of plums to eat myself though. 

The yellow plums are still quite hard and the apples are not quite there yet either. I will need a stepladder to get everything out though: the trees are quite high! There is one question though: what on earth am I going to do with so many plums?? (the apples are not a problem: apple sauce is always good)


  1. Hari Om
    Oh Mara --- mmmmmmm---- plum jam (so easy in microwave if you don't want the old fashioned way), or plum tarts - with custard... or just fresh with some blue cheese and crusty bread...... gettting the idea???? Yummo. YAM xx

  2. Oh Plum Jam or Pie with custard. Or combine the apples with the plums to make a syllabab. mmmmmmm

    Oh no Mara you have given my mum some ideas now, she loves cooking, but the kitchen does get in a bit of a mess and she forgets to give me my tea when she cooks.
    Good luck with the plums and be careful climbing the ladder. Lady Vicki and Hilary

  3. My first thought was plum jam or I'm sure you could make a chutney with them. Our two or three cherries withered on the tree but we have apples aplenty.

  4. Before you go and buy a ladder look for a fruit picker tool. My Mother In Law had one she used for years. Fruit unbruised and she was safe on the ground. Here's an example.

  5. I wish I lived closer, I love plums and having them fresh would be awesome. We like them very firm!

  6. The critters seem to b faster than we are at finding the good stuff.


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