Thursday, 27 June 2013

The bird

As I looked out of my bedroom window the other night, I saw this huge bird (in my eyes anyway) standing on the rock across the road. I ran for my camera hoping it would still be there when I got it and I was lucky. It was. I took the photo and ever since I have been wondering what type of bird it was. Was it a typical Norwegian bird or was it more European and international?

Since I couldn't find it online and none of my colleagues knew, they only thing for it was to facebook the photo and hope for an answer. Well, I got answers allright! Anything from snipe and northern lapwing to heron and stork! Of course I should have only asked my friend Pepperfly because she might just be omniscient and she said it was a (Eurasian) curlew. Which it is!

It is a migratory bird, so quite international. Like me. It likes invertebrates, but will also eat earth worms and small crabs if the opportunity arises. Unlike me. Not too fond of the earth worms!

Anyway, now I know. Life in Norway, isn't it great?


  1. I just shot an osprey which I also had to google to identify.

  2. @ Anvilcloud — Why did you shoot an osprey? Is it open season on osprey in your part of Canada?

  3. I don't know any bird name besides the classical once ! That's just like the flowers !

  4. Glad you found out what it was and good to know you don't eat earthworms!


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