Sunday, 16 June 2013

Photo on Sunday 2013-13

If I wasn't so happy living where I live right now, I would seriously consider this area. Every time I come here, it's different and beautiful. It's a bit further inland, but this view is absolutely gorgeous. The only drawback would be wintertime, when the (uphill) roads would be quite icy and snowy. But when the sun's coming up on a nice summer's day, the mist is coming in and the birds are singing...


  1. Hello Mara, haven't been on blog for a while but have been rewarded by looking at your beautiful photo. It would be a wonderful view to live with. A x

  2. A professional photographer that I follow recently went to Norway and found it stunning.

  3. Wonderful spot to live. I've just been going through my photos from our trip to Norway. Such a beautiful place!

  4. Oh, it really is beautiful, but you're probably better off without having to drive icy hills to and from work.
    Now I have to go look for the dog (who should be right outside the back door) because she went out, came in, had some veggies, then barked to be let out again. Most peculiar.

  5. It looks very beautiful !
    BTW how is your internet connection ? does it work now ?

  6. It is so beautiful. That is how I feel when we go to Mammoth Lakes each summer.


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