Friday, 7 June 2013

Nothing wrong

I got an email today: what was wrong with my blog? I presume the email came since I haven't posted anything lately. It's not that I didn't have anything to post about. It's quite the opposite, but I still haven't got any internet at home and the person I am borrowing internet from, seems to turn it off occasionally! Not very neighbourly I think...

Anyway, in a nutshell, here's what's been happening this week: I worked. I mowed the lawn a bit more. I went out to dinner. I got an email from the bank saying they couldn't transfer the money because some details were missing. How on earth they can call themselves a bank I don't know: I was able to find out no problem! I went out for coffee with the girls, I took photos, updated the photo book, worked a bit extra, had fun, didn't get enough sleep and plenty more besides.

Tomorrow I have to work. Resembling my old job in the Netherlands somewhat. Toing and froing all day long. Ten hours in fact. But where in the Netherlands the toing was usually over a distance of about 10 km, over here it's a distance of (drumroll) 800 meters! In other words: half a mile! The froing is the same distance again! And I will be doing that for ten hours! On my own. It will be great...

The weather has been great lately: sun and nice enough temperatures. No floods anywhere near me so that's good! I am still loving every second of my job here. And the people. I miss my old job less and less and do enjoy the time off more and more! I am still saving up to get my second satellite dish so I can watch the BBC and I still have to get internet sorted. I may not be around very much in the near future because of it and I don't always want to do it at work. But I am happy and well! Which is of course the most important thing.


  1. Yes happy and well is important. I like when you around and I hope you can get the internet sorted out soon.
    You sound like your keeping busy and I'm glad you like your job. Have a nice weekend.

  2. When I don't post in a while, no one emails to ask if my blog is broken! I am not as faithful as a writer as you are!

  3. Thanks for dropping in. Carry on.


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