Thursday, 29 March 2012


This week's prompt is 'three' and it took some thinking to find a three I was happy with. I could of course have posted a photo of three of my cats, but in the end I opted to go for a less obvious 'three'. Now, as you of course all know, the Dutch flag consists of red, white and blue and in Dutch we will also call the flag the 'three-colour'. So, here it is: the national flag of the Netherlands.

The flag is mostly flown by government buildings and the such and there are only a few other times when the public fly the flag. Most notably on the birthdays of the Queen and her immediate family, Queen's Day (April 30th), Liberation Day (May 5th) and at half mast on Remembrance Day (May 4th). When a family or street or even village have something special to celebrate they fly the flag. When someone graduates a schoolbag is added to the tip of the mast. An orange banner can be added for any Royal birthdays or Queen's Day.

This is my twelfth entry for Photo Theme for Thursday. Why not join?


  1. much easier to draw than a maple leaf. I remember one of my first art projects in grade school was to paint a canadian flag... it looked like a red blob with a stick on the bottom.

  2. That's exactly the same here, except when there is a football game, then suddenly people remember to paint their faces, carry flags or wearing hats in the national 3 colors !

  3. Dit is een goeie, andere Mara. De Nederlandse driekleur. Weet je wat er nog ontbreekt, het logo van de HEMA, een zakje drop en een stukje Old Amsterdam kaas.

  4. Perfect choice for the prompt!

  5. I agree with Kay...a perfect choice! :D


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