Sunday, 11 March 2012

It twitches

The it in the title refers to Wuppie's ear. It twitches. A lot. And when I touch it, he shirks away. The ear is being held flat to his head. And it's warm to the touch, warmer than his other ear anyway. And when I felt it again this evening, I realised it was thick as well, and containing fluid!

According to the great book of knowledge called the internet, the most likely problem would be a hematoma. Something that happens more in dogs, but hey, I never said he was clever and if he thinks he is a dog, that could explain the hematoma. The question of course remains: how and where did he get the hematoma? Yes, his ears are always dirty, but everytime I have them checked by the vet, he or she tells me he hasn't got earmites. Yes, he tends to scratch his ears, but then again, he has been doing that for over thirteen years now! Besides, I haven't seen him scratch his ears an extraordinary amount lately and come to think of it, not at all today.

Anyway, I feel a phonecall to the vet is in order for tomorrow, hopefully he or she can get it sorted, because he isn't necessarily in great distress, he is not comfortable either.

He keeps me on my toes, that's for sure!


  1. I think his situation is eerie.

  2. I think your friend Anvilcloud sounds like my husband, the incurable punster.
    Waiting to find out the vet's verdict, Mara. Always a worry when it's something wrong with someone who can't give us details.

  3. Scruffy, my cat with a dog's name, seems to have a similar problem. I clean his ears carefully every week, but he scratches them a lot, but I don't seem to see any ear mites. He has to go in for shots pretty soon so I'll have them checked.

  4. Poor boy, he probably has an ear infection that happens. A little antibiotica shot and it will probably go away.

  5. Hope the vet can figure it out. My daughters dog has ear trouble if he doesn't stay on duck & potato food. Maybe it's an allergy.


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