Sunday, 30 January 2011

One of those days

Yes, it's one of those again. Those days where you don't really have much to tell, so you keep quiet. Yet at the same time you're busy doing stuff. Like trying to make another book and failing. Like making another blog to try and sell your stuff (up and running now, I've already sold two things as well). Like doing the laundry. Oh, and like working of course.

But with all that busyness, I still don't think I have anything to tell. Although... there is another give-away coming up. Not talking about that yet though. Ah well, never mind, I might as well tell you now, seeing as how I've got nothing else to talk about.

As you know I've made a book of my ABC's (which is about 100 pages by the way), but I've also made another one: The Weighty Kitchen, which is also for sale. However, I will be giving away one hardback copy of 'The Weighty Kitchen'. It contains stories concerning food and of course recipes I've posted on my blog (although some are new). For a chance to win? Easy: just leave me a comment, telling me about your favourite food  or a foodie memory. Entry to this give-away will be closed next Sunday midday CET.

Good luck!


  1. Favourite foods:
    Dad's chicken soup, mum's oxtail soup, for nostalgia macaroni with Honig herbs mix and spam, Mara's lasagna or tortellini.

  2. I forgot the Dutch applepie

  3. My birthday dinners used to be beef, potato, and mushroom fondue, waldorf salad, and a cherry cream cheese pie. I'm not fond of the pie now but I still love fondue.

  4. Where is the link to your other blog?
    And thank you for the reference in your book!

  5. Yeah, I want to visit your other blog. Where can we find it?

    I'm not entering your give-away, since I suspect there will not be many vegetarian recipes in your book. Although I liked the courgette-cake.

    (isn't bookmaking addictive?)

  6. I always have trouble coming up with faves. My mind goes blank. Or maybe I like too many things and most are simple. Let's try this one. Back in Sarnia, there were several chip trucks under the Bluewater Bridge when Lake Huron emptied into the St Clair River. The chips were great as was the place.

  7. Sounds pretty busy to me, Mara.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. the best posts are made when you have nothing to say ! or to talk about, then it always becomes a long post (nods) !
    That's like our friend today who popped in for 1h as he said and after 3 h was still there !
    I don't want to win a cook book, I have cooked enough in my life ! Now my son is a hobby cook ! He even does the pasta himself, crazy boy !

  9. Wow, you have been busy! Way to go girl. Well you know we are huge pizza people. Growing up my favorite was roast pork, potato dumplings and sauerkraut, yum! That was our traditional Bohemian meal. My grandmother made the best chocolate chip cookies and we couldn't wait for her to come and visit from Florida so she could make them for us.


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