Monday, 17 January 2011

Down in the dumps

According to a newspaper article I read this morning, today January 17th is the most depressing day of the year. Because Christmas is past, Easter, Mothering Sunday and spring are still far away and the only thing looming in front of us is winter, cold, snow and other dreary things. Are you depressed now yet?

Well, I won't be going along that depressive path. For starters I like the winter with its cold and snow and ice. Not rain though, that's horrid. But snow and cold, yes, I can handle those!

And to prove that I am not an unhappy chappette, a little proof that I like cats. I don't know who's it was, certainly not ours, but I liked it then and I like them now!

Happy January 17th!!!


  1. I'm not depressed either, but I'll stand by the "long month" thesis.

    I'm also a cat guy although we're cat-less these days.

  2. Happy 17th January too! And I'm not depressed either :-)

  3. Hmm. I save my depression until February!

  4. Love the picture. Here in the states they are saying that the
    24th is Blue Monday. Today we have Martin Luther King day. Why pick a certain day to be down, they come on their own often enough!

  5. happy happy day yo you my mara
    you were such a cute little girl.
    I love the rain is i got to pick

  6. I'm not depressed. I'm just glad I'm not sick any more. Whatever that was, that cough/cold/flu/plague thing I had in Hawaii, lasted an entire month. It was no fun at all, but it was nicer being sick in Hawaii than being sick at home.
    Dick and Lindy are off for a walk in the deep snow, hunting for deer with Dick's camera.
    That's a cute picture of you with the little cat - a very interesting pattern on the kitty, too.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. I like cats, but unfortunately they make my eyes water, turn red and itch like crazy! I'll still cuddle a kitten, though, if given a chance.

  8. Cute.

    I'm not depressed either. Although if the grey weather holds on for too long, I might be one day. Fortunately I have cats to cuddle too. That helps ;-)

  9. No depression here, either. I miss my dogs but have been getting a doggy-fix at work once a week when a co-worker brings her black lab in.


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