Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Cry said in one of the comments about my bad night the other day that she hoped someone would make me a teddy bear so I would sleep better. The thing is though, I have a teddy bear. I've had it for years and years.

Now I never was what you would call a girl who played with dolls and/or teddy bears. I don't know whether I ever had a 'tea-party' where I would invite all my dolls to be present. I don't recall doing that anyway. Although my Mum always tells me I did walk to town one day with a little stroller and my doll. I must have been three.

No, my area of play was outdoors: hide and seek, climbing the climbing tree in the playground, walking over bike racks (don't do that, you fall off and have to go to the dentist), falling in ponds and cycling. When it was raining we would stay indoors and I tended to play more with my brother's lego and race track than with my dolls. At least from what I remember.

When I went to bed though, race tracks and lego went out and Brom (as my bear is called) came in. Because I wouldn't go to sleep without him. On one occasion we forgot to pack it as we went to visit my grandparents. My parents bought me another bear, but it itched and wasn't a good fit. They would have had more luck with a (clean) pair of rolled up socks!

I took Brom with me to Yugoslavia, Italy, Belgium, France and England and he was my bedfellow until I was about 24, when I finally retired him. And the reason for that was that he was getting old: one eye missing, his tail is loose, the side of his head is open and today I found out one of his arms is spilling as well! I don't need a new teddy, I need a teddy doctor!

Of course now you are wondering about the doll in the top photo. Well, from the looks of it, it's one of my grandmother's dolls and was not really for playing I think. She is in Frisian dress though! 


  1. I like Brom's crocheted outfit but I can quite see why he's been retired - poor teddy!

  2. You don't look happy holding the doll in that picture.

  3. You sure don't look happy - "I don't want to hold this doll, but they told me to do it, so I won't smile"!!
    Yes, I can see Brom needs a teddy doctor. I'm sure there are such things somewhere. I've seen "doll hospitals" before, but can't remember where.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. I think Brom is adorable. He's so well loved :)

  5. You are so darn cute in that picture,i love your pixi haircut.
    Hailey has a bear named Boxer he is such a huge part of our family that we even have birthday partys for him! I told hailey im taking him to her wedding. She sleeps with him every night and he has so many tears on him from her sad times and he also is getting a bit tattered. I guess there is a teddy dr somewhere, wher you send your teddy in, they fix him or her and mail him back to you. Im to scared boxer would get lost! Put a tracking device in him. I think your teddy is wonderfull and i hope you keep him FoREVER

  6. " eye missing, his tail is loose, the side of his head is open and today I found out one of his arms is spilling as well!"

    Ahhh! *raises glass in praise* Here's to "love is blind!"

    I love your TeddyBrom - simply adorable!

  7. Your outdated Teddy makes me think of certain husbands.

  8. There is a doll and bear docter in Amsterdam!

    Good luck with Brom!

  9. The picture of you is so cute. I don't remember sleeping with anything but I am sure that I probably did. Thank you for sharing the sweet story of your Brom.

  10. Brom looks almost just like Ed's "Pow" does! You've just given me an idea for a post!


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