Friday, 20 August 2010


Pepperfly with the remains of dessert: mars mousse, blackberry mousse, vanilla mousse and white chocolate brownies, recipe to follow soon...

We used to all work for the same company, selling coffee, tea and snacks on the train. And then I left to become a busdriver. And Pepperfly left to go back to school. My sister left to also go back to school and my friend C left to become a train attendant (she would have been the one with the egg in the olden days). Soon after the company we used to work for folded! It was in the cards...

But we stayed in touch. And we went to the sauna (the all nudy variety, very liberating) oh, every three to four months. Women's troubles, pregnancies and jobs permitting. And when the sauna was out, we would do something else, like going bowling. Until my sister left to a job in Northern Ireland and she didn't feel that coming back to go the sauna was worth the money. Ever since we haven't been to the sauna anymore. At least not all of us together and not even the three of us. But we wanted to stay in touch nonetheless, so earlier this year Pepperfly, C and I decided to do something together again.

During the spring we all made one course for dinner and spent the evening having fun, but this summer we wanted to go to the sauna. I had asked for the day off, Pepperfly is a teacher and has ridiculously long holidays anyway and C had the day off as well. Brilliant! Then my grandmother's funeral threw a spanner in the works. So, out was the sauna and in was dinner. And because my sister had come over for the funeral she was able to come to dinner as well! Suprise!!!

C was teased because she put the dressing on the salad too soon (she always does), Pepperfly made a really good vegetarian oven dish (without mushrooms of any sort, so mmmm) and I made dessert, since I am good at dessert. And after nearly 13 years of knowing each other we finally made a photo of the four of us. With some difficulty I have to add, but it was made (and will not be shown to protect the innocent others).

We had good food, good laughs and a great fun photo. A great way to end not such a good day!


  1. "Elluk nadeel hep sun voordeel", om met Johan Cruijff te spreken ;-)

    Good that the tears were followed by laughter ;-)

  2. Oddly enough, I just used the "spanner in the works" phrase. It's odd because we would normally say wrench over here. I guess I am reading too many British mysteries.

  3. All right, I am confused. What did you mean by 'the one with the egg'?

  4. Sounds like a perfect dinner. I love dessert in those little cups.
    Glad you were able to get together and your sister too. I didn't get the egg one either.


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