Wednesday, 25 August 2010

How does John Splinter get through winter?

That's a saying we have in the Netherlands and basically boils down to 'how and where do you get stuff without having to pay for them'. And that was the question I was asked a few times regarding my 'groceries'. So, here goes...

As a busdriver I do a lot of different types of travel. Last week I did one of those festivals. Load up, drive, drop off, drive back, start over. Hour after hour. And the people responsible for the whole thing going fine issued packed lunches. Well, I didn't get my packed lunch until half way through the afternoon. When nearly all the other buses had already left. But, there was still a whole box of packed lunches left.

Perfectly good apples and bread rolls and nice orange/carrot juice. Of course you can throw it all away, but that is just wasting good food. So, I took it home. To be used and enjoyed at a later date.

Over the years I've been the lucky finder of packed lunches, umbrellas, a towel, a mug, a sweater, hankies, an mp3 player (that I threw out), money (five cents today), books and a camera. Now you know: that's how Mara Splinter gets through the winter.


  1. ah- that explains it :) I've seen those packed lunches when I take students on field trips- it's a shame how much food kids throw away, so I'm the sop that watches them and takes their apples and sandwiches before they can hit the trash can. I hate wasted food, especially when I know I'll eat it.

  2. I would surely take them home too!
    Now where is that bag with a million dollars? When you find it will you share?

  3. Those lunches should definitely be saved and eaten! Good for you!


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