Sunday, 23 August 2009

Weighty Matter!

I found this beautiful poem the other day. Now, I am not much of a poetry person, but with a title like this, how can I not love this. It's written by Brenda Bryant over at what was formerly known as Rinkly Rimes and is now known as BryAntics.


Bet was at Mascot Airport
Where many have been before
And she chanced to see a weighing machine
Which gave a compelling score.
Not only did it show the weight
But it added information,
Such as the colour of one's hair
And one's future destination.
Bet stood upon the weighing machine
And read the card it spat-out,
Saying, with wonder, to herself
'How did it work that out?'
The card reported 'You are blonde;
Sixty K's you weigh,
And you're off to visit your Mum in Perth.
Goodbye! Have a nice day!'
Bet was completely mystified
For every bit was true!
Feeling duped and sceptical
She decided what to do.
'If I disguise myself' she thought,
'And use the machine again,
I bet it doesn't get it right!
We'll see who's silly then!'
So she bought dark glasses for her eyes,
And a wig, deep chestnut brown
And she bought new clothes and carried her case
Which really weighed her down.
She went into the Ladies' Room
And made the transformation.
She emerged a totally different Bet
Into the busy station.
Once more she crossed the platform,
And stood on the machine,
Knowing she didn't look like Bet,
More like a Sue or Jean.
She put her coin in the slot,
To see what the card would say,
But when she read this message
She fainted right away!
It said 'You're blonde and sixty Ks!
With a very little brain!
I've made an alteration.....

You've just missed your plane!'

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