Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I hate getting up early. Especially if early means 9am when I only got to bed at 3.30am! And no, it wasn't because I couldn't be bothered to go to bed earlier, it was because I didn't get home until 2.45am!

You might be wondering why then did I get up early if I only got to bed at 3.30. Well, I had run out of milk! And several other things come to that. I had meant to get up later (half an hour), but having a headache, a hot room and 4 monsters dancing on the bed and me didn't really give me the opportunity.

I've got milk again now though. I checked the cartons to make sure they weren't leaking in any way. I've got enough vegetables to last me through the month. And I've got enough washing powder for white loads to last me to the end of the year. Unfortunately it's the colour version I've nearly run out of...

In a minute I will get myself an aspirin since the headache hasn't lifted yet, I will prepare my sandwiches for today, I will have a shower and then I will be off to work again. It won't be as late as yesterday, but I will miss the fantastic series 'A Town called Eureka'. Good thing it will be repeated twice this week!

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