Thursday, 15 January 2009


Just as I thought the credit crunch would pass by my house, along come dentists and faulty glasses. I have just started saving after having paid off a considerable debt in three years. I figure I can save up enough to be able to move in about a year and a half (531 days to be exact), but then of course I don't really need dental surgeons (thanks Anvilcloud) and faulty glasses to throw a huge spanner in the works. The surgeon falls under my basic medical insurance, but the first €150 I have to pay myself. Fortunately only once, so if I need more treatment this year, it will be free, but still: €150 I could have used in so many more ways.
And then, those glasses. I've got three pairs: an ordinary pair, a pair of sunglasses and a pair of night glasses. Now, that last pair has been annoying me for a while now. Firstly, the little screw holding the glass in, fell out. Have you ever tried to put a screw back in that you can literally hardly see? Well, I have and granted I managed it, but still... Of course, the glass didn't fall out on a nice soft surface, no it fell out while I was sitting behind the steering wheel. And then I couldn't find the glass anymore, which really bothered me. When I got back to the garage I did find it: I felt it under my foot! I didn't really put my weight on it (good thing), so there were only a few scratches on it. Those scratches were bothering me a lot though and actually gave me a headache! So, this morning I went to see the local optician. Where I had to wait for nearly half an hour before he could help me. He put the screw in properly, but couldn't do anything about the scratches, so in the end I just ordered new glasses to be put in. Another €10 gone...

What's next?

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  1. These little needs that keep us putting our hands in our pockets hardly ever seem to stop.


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