Saturday, 4 July 2015

Miss Oswin was right

I was a bit upset to hear that many of you didn't believe my hunting skills! Well, I don't normally like the flashy thing (and the new one isn't that much better), but this time, I thought it was very much needed! 

Last week I caught a big one. A really big one!! I was going to show Mara so she could take some photos of it with her new flashy thing. And she did. 

See, I can catch things. For real!!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Counting my blessings

Reflecting on life at Ryvarden Lighthouse
Photo taken by my friend UL
Having all of a sudden been bombarded with bad thoughts (and with bad thoughts, I mean really really bad thoughts) last week, this week has fortunately been much better. 

On Monday I got to see a lovely lady who was able to put a few things in perspective for me. Very helpful. We talked for about an hour and even though I had a little cry, I came out of that meeting feeling much better than I had. When at work afterwards, I told them I would give up the team leader job and it was like a stone lifted as well. They told me that they were sorry, since they felt I did a good job. Which lifted me even more, but not enough to want the job back.

Never too old for the swing!
On Tuesday I had to see my gp. Well, the replacement to the replacement really. But, he listened to me, give me a sick note for two weeks and a referral to a psychologist. That will take a while, but I am feeling much better now, so perhaps some time to put things in perspective might help me a bit. 

Not only did I see the gp, it was of course my birthday and I got a great gift: the camera. At the moment it is called This One, as opposed to the other one that is called The Other One. Very imaginative I know! Suggestions are welcome! And then in the evening I had some colleagues come over for apple pie and got more gifts.

Yes, I walked through a marshy area and got out again the other side!
Any problem with that?
On Wednesday I took it easy. Went for a little walk, took some photos and wrote in my diary that I started last week. I decided that I would write the whole story down once and for all and I must admit, even though there were some not so good memories, most of the memories were fairly painless. And some were even fairly funny, despite the circumstances. In the evening another colleague/friend came by with Thai food. 

Yesterday I got picked up in the morning by my friend/colleague and was taken to her childhood haunt. A beautiful spot and we spent a couple of hours there. On my return home I found I had a birthday card (thank you Pepperfly). And even though the day finished with a thunderstorm, it wasn't a heavy one and it didn't take long.

So, my blessings this week have been plentiful. And the week isn't even over yet! 

This post is prompted by Spin Cycle. Thank you Ginny Marie at Lemon Drop Pie.

Thursday, 2 July 2015


My colleague and friend had told me she would come and pick me up at 10am so we could go on another walk today. Not to where she lives now, but to where she used to live when growing up. We were going to see the lighthouse at Ryvarden!

It was sunny and there was a fair bit of wind, but armed with sunglasses, cameras and back packs with packed lunches and water we made our way to the light house. It was only a 2 km (1,3 miles) walk one way, but it did go up and down and there was plenty to see along the way. 

We saw a toad and a (dead) snake, we saw how nature had started to recover from a severe fire only three years ago, we saw rocks, rocks and more rocks and finally we made it to the light house. I had expected a lighthouse that would be high and tall and this was a building only two stories high perhaps. 

Of course the lighthouses in the Netherlands stand at sea level so need to be much higher than a tower that stands on a rock that is at least 50 meters over sea level!!

Until 1984 the lighthouse had a lighthouse keeper who lived in one of the two houses that stood a little way back. But then it was automated and there was no more need for the lighthouse keeper. However, the path he had used to get to his boat was still more or less there and we followed it down (it was low tide) to get a good view.

After that we made our way back up to have our lunch, but we were nearly blown away, so when the food was gone, we made our way back. Slowly of course, because there were still plenty of things to see! Like the pile of rocks that was used in former times as well, probably pre-lighthouse. Those piles of rocks would be found all over the coast line and fires would be lit on top as far as I could make out. 

A monument to the 16 people who died in a
ferry accident just off the coast.
Walking back was a bit more challenging: the wind was blowing really fierce now and even though the sun was hiding mostly, it was still hard going for me. And then we dropped down between the trees and the wind was gone and we both stopped in our tracks: it was so hot all of a sudden!

Close to the dead snake we saw a live one, but it got spooked and by the time my lenscap was of the camera, the snake had made its way into the undergrowth! 

I need a wider camera strap to avoid sun burn!
On our way back we stopped for ice cream. A good finish to a good day! 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Cake, sweets and flowers

As it was my birthday yesterday and was asked by a friend whether at what time the apple pie was going to be ready, I decided to make apple pie and invite some people. But when I wanted to start on the apple pie, I found I had lost the recipe! Oh my. Fortunately it had come off the great interweb, so off I went to search. Well, I found a lot of apple pie recipes, but not 'my' recipe. 

In the end though, I found an ordinary apple pie recipe and adjusted the filling to what I remembered. And it worked beautifully. The cake was done a bit later than planned, but when it was finally ready to eat (only a few degrees below too hot), it was a gorgeous cake. I had used peaches as well and it was yummy!

Two friends came by to help eat the cake and both came with gifts. One gave me sweets and chocolate in the most adorable tin. The other friend was going to get me flowers and ended up getting me a ...

It's huge! And heavy as well!
Watermelon? Well, we had a good laugh over that and dug into the cake. More than half was gone by the time they left and they both took a piece home as well, to eat at work to make the other colleagues jealous!

It was a good birthday. 

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Miss Oswin and Brom congratulate

She only had Christmas paper! So, that's what we used.
And two strings. Very important to have two strings!!
Miaow and coocoo

For weeks we were wondering what to get her. She has everything you know. Well, she would like some more Christmas films, but it's summer now, so we were not getting her that! Somebody suggested milkbones, or balls, or stuffies or a steak. Not really Mara's style you know, although the steak she said, would be nice. Somebody else suggested a gift card! How boring is that??? Or lingerie! Well, can you see us going into a lingerie shop to get some!? 

Well, after much deliberating (drumroll please): we got her a new flashy thing!! And a 500 kroner gift card (yes, yes, we know) for a one day photo course in September! 

Happy Birthday Mara and many many happy returns!!

A purr from Miss Oswin and a cuddle from Brom

Monday, 29 June 2015


So, that walk yesterday. The one with the massive anthill. That wasn't the only thing we saw. Right at the end of the walk we made our way over to the former smelting house. The whole area exists due to the copper and the mining and smelting of said copper. The mines have long since closed down and all that remains is a small museum. But you can still see traces of the copper industry everywhere.

As we got to the still standing smelting house, well, without a roof or rooms (see top photo), my friend also made her way over to the small beach close by and she showed me all those beautiful looking rocks that were there. They shimmered with all sorts of colours and looked like they had been dipped in oil. 

There were large blocks that were probably used for building the hut/house that once stood there, we even saw part of a wall that was still standing, albeit only one block up. 

But most of the rocks weren't actually rocks, it was slag. The remainder of the copper smelting that went on years and years ago. It was hard taking decent photos, but I think I got a few. It was a fascinating area and definitely one to go back to again. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Photo on Sunday 2015-23

I went on a walk (not a hike, just a walk) today with a colleague. I needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air blowing away all miceniches that were in my head. She invited me to go on a walk and so, we did! As you do. 

On our walk she pointed out this ant hill. I didn't at first understand what she was talking about, but after a while I did. Well, of course I needed a photo of that! Far away and close up. 

It was quite massive and their were thousands of little ants working away to make their home as safe as they could. Aren't ants amazing? Well, unless they come in the house that is. Then I am not so enamoured!!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Miss Oswin gets "caught"

That flashy thing! That awful flashy thing!! And now she wants me to talk about what happened yesterday! I told her nothing, but she said that that was not what the photos were saying!! *Sigh*

But, I promise you: nothing happened! I was minding my own business in my own garden, not a care in the world, when the woman comes in with her flashy thing and starts taking photos by the dozen! I knew she was a bit mad, but this was just a bit much!! 

Yes, the photos show me a bit 'caught in the act', but what do you expect a decent cat to do? Throw up on the couch?? That woman would have a fit if I were to do that! So, I got rid of the grass and thought nothing more of it. 

Blast that flashy thing!!!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Back to normal

Well, a degree of normalcy would be nice!
That was the plan in any case. It didn't quite work out that way though. Unfortunately!

During a small chat with our personel lady, I started crying. Then after I got down to start work, I talked to my Dutch colleague and started crying again. I was taken off work, a meeting was set up with the company health service person for Monday and today I got in touch with my own gp and I have an appointment for next Tuesday. Hopefully he will be able to move me on to a psychologist as soon as possible.

I have been in touch with several people, both colleagues, friends and of course my father. Everybody is offering their support and I am very thankful for that. 

In better news however: the bills for my holiday to Scotland just went out to my parents and sister. I pay for the whole thing, so they have to pay me. Also the programs (both the generic and the specific with dates, times and directions and such) are done. The kilt is moving along as well: the basis is done, now it's just a case of making it look pretty. Or prettier than it is now. And without pins preferably! 

Thursday, 25 June 2015


I knew early on that stroking a cat is good for you
Now, that was unexpected wasn't it? You all know me as quite the easy-going person, sweetness personified (overdoing it here?). And then out of the blue this incredible, quite combobulated rant. I wrote it about an hour after I had watched that news program, even if it only appeared the morning after. 

In the day since I have had the chance to reflect a bit. It's still a sore point, but I am trying to work through it. I hope to be able to talk to a confidence person at work or a psychologist (like Miss Vavoom three years ago). Because there are are a fair few things going on in my head now and I am not altogether happy with that. 

I won't bore you with those thoughts, although knowing myself, I will probably do so to some degree in due time. In the mean time I will be going on as usual. Like going birthday present shopping on Friday. It's someone very special who is celebrating next week and she deserves something really nice! Any ideas anybody?