Wednesday, 22 April 2015


1990 in Yugoslavia
I had a health check yesterday. Nothing major since it was at work, yet still more than enough to tell me several things. Of course I knew I was healthy. After all, I have been in the hospital lately and they would have told me if there were something wrong with me. Well, that is the hope anyway, since I didn't find out about possibly having cancer until the day before the operation! To only be told the day after the operation that I didn't have it. 

But back to this health check. A lovely lady pricked my finger and whoosh: a whole lot of blood started flooding out. It was red, which was good to start with and after some tests, she found out that the blood sugar level was good. Especially since I had just eaten a big dinner. My cholesterol was good as well, right where it ought to be. My blood pressure had gone up since the lows in the hospital (79 over 42) and was now around my usual at 131 over 86. 

And then came the bad part. Which I know all about, since it was exactly the same only two years ago! The weight. Still too much of it. Still 'must loose or face the consequences'. So the numbers at the top? Well, it's only 18 kilos I have to get rid of to get within a safe(ish) region weight wise. And that sort of equates to 45 pounds or 3 stone. 

Better get dancing. Or walking. Or both!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Absolute rubbish

There is a program on British television that I love watching. I loved it in the early days when it was broadcast on Dutch television and I still love it today. It's called Time Team and it is basically a show about archeaology. Some random person digs a hole to bury a cat and finds a wall. A farmer plows his field and all of a sudden Roman coins come to the surface. They call in the Time Team and they come and dig the site for three days. Completely ruining the garden, but usually finding a lot. Roman temples, Iron Age villages, medieaval castles, Victorian factories, WWII bunkers. And everything in between. 

One way of finding out who lived/worked there and when is looking at what is left in the ground. A bit of pottery, a coin, perhaps a bit of glass. Sometimes they find a midden (or dump to you and me) and lots of animal bones and other bits of rubbish are found. They always get so excited when they do. People lived here, they ate here, they slept here! All to be told by that one piece of pottery.

Our rubbish is different. If we were to throw out all of our rubbish in our backyards, we wouldn't be able to see the grass before long. Because where our ancestors had to deal with fresh food and perhaps a stone pot or two, we not only deal with fresh food, but also with its packaging, usually plastic. The other day when I bought a tiny little thing, the packaging was three times as much as the actual thing I bought! But most countries nowadays have come up with a solution: collect the waste and take it away. 

I wonder what archeaologist will find in 1000 years time in our backyards. A piece of pottery? A plastic label to say what plant it is? A few bones of a favourite pet? A lost diamond wedding ring? A coin or two? Or perhaps a Visa Card? Or won't there be any archeaologists in a 1000 years' time to find anything because we have ruined our planet with all our rubbish way before then?

This post is prompted by Spin Cycle. Thank you Ginny Marie at Lemon Drop Pie.

PS: for you Dutch and Norwegians out there: spot the mistake in the photos! Look closely now!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Too much or not enough?

Isn't it strange how some months there aren't enough days to post the stories you want to tell, yet other months are the complete opposite. Too many days for the two tiny stories that don't interest anybody but me. April turns out to be of the latter variety. 

I mean, it started off well: back at work, back in the full swing of things. Plenty of things to say about that. Like being tired, so incredibly tired. Then the fact that my aches and pains had dwindled down to basically nothing. Until I overdid it on the chocolate mousse on Friday that is and I had a minor headache yesterday. 

The weather then? It hasn't disappointed too much lately. It's fine and pretty, the daffodils are finally in full bloom and if only the temperature would cooperate somewhat, it would be fantastic. They have only now come up to just into double figures. Twelve/thirteen degrees. Norwegian spring. 

And what about Miss Oswin? Always good for a photo opportunity or two. And she always cooperates as well. Being a very beautiful and photogenic cat, she always tries to look her best. Even if I then go and spoil her prettiness by putting the anti flea and tick stuff in her neck. 

So, there were plenty of stories to tell apparently this month. Yet, there were still too many days. And the month is not over yet either! 

Ah well, a post filled today at least. Oh, and if you are wondering what is happening in the photo. Before being able to drink the water, I need to boil it and then I need to filter it. Or I can just buy water and drink that!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Photo on Sunday 2015-14

I wanted something different, so I sat in the chair for a long time and paid a huge amount of money. But I am very happy with the result!

Thursday, 16 April 2015


As you know I like my television. And over the past two months I have had plenty of time to enjoy a lot of it. The old Doctor Who, Time Team (archeological digs all over Britain) and lots more. During the first few weeks there was Hogan's Heroes. A show I had never heard about, but I thought it was funny and loved it when it was on telly every day. And then, after three out of six seasons, they stopped. Not a clue why, they just stopped. Which was annoying, since I hadn't seen them all yet.

Then a few weeks ago, another channel started with Hi-de-Hi. And 'Allo 'Allo. And Are You Being Served. Which are all series I love watching (again and again). But when Hi-de-Hi was finished, they started with a new series: Just Good Friends, which I had never seen before. But, four episodes in and nothing! They stopped! Why???

Now, I hope that after all that ball banging with sticks (otherwise known as snooker) is finished, they will go back to airing that show. Because it is a fun show to watch and the leads aren't bad to look at either!

Fortunately they will not be stopping with Doctor Who anytime soon. At least I don't think so.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A day of work?

I had a day off yesterday. A very much needed day off. I slept late, had a lazy breakfast, watched a bit of television and then took the car out to get its tyres changed. Then I watched some more television, made dinner and went to bed early, so I would be okay this morning when I had to work early. After all, my energy levels are still quite low. 

We have this thing at work that tells you when to work. It only needs me to log in and of course I didn't do that, since I also have a piece of paper telling me when to work. I followed the piece of paper. So, when I got to work this morning at around 6.15am, I found out I wasn't on the list. I wasn't in the computer either. Basically I wasn't set up to work!

This was a bit of a conundrum, but I realised I didn't really want to sit at work for nothing so went home again. Once home I logged in and found out I have a team leader day today. A day set aside to spend on whatever I want or on team leader stuff. 

Now, I have been back at work for two weeks now. The first week was in the middle of the Easter holiday and there was hardly anybody at work. The second week was so tiring, I could deal with me and not much else! So, for the past two weeks I haven't been doing much team leading. In fact, not at all! I sat down and looked through the emails to see what I should do. Well, plenty of chats have to be had and some text messages have to be sent out. 

Mind you, today I will take it easy. I have a short shift tomorrow and split shifts on Thursday and Friday, so plenty of time to meet people and chat with them. And get back into being a team leader. 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

The result

The last time I had a headache? Not self-induced? Two days after the operation. Probably due to the heat, the epidural and the operation. And perhaps some residual hormones (I was due to have my period that week). Which means that I have been without a headache, not counting the chocolate one, for two months! TWO MONTHS!!!!! I can't remember the last time that happened!

Not only have I not had any headaches, I have been drinking a lot. Something I never used to do. Before the operation I would perhaps drink about half a liter a day. Sometimes more, often less. Which meant several problems that came from that. Let's call them blockages. However, the lack of fluid didn't mean I never went to the toilet. I would actually go often. Very often. I was known as the person who always had to go. Well, since the operation, I have been drinking three to four times as much, but I now have to remind myself: I have to do another bout of driving, perhaps it might be wise to 'go' before that. 

In other news: the last week has been hard on me. I never thought it would be this hard to actually get back to work. Being off work for 8 weeks (one week's holiday and seven weeks' sick leave), meant that I have lost a lot of energy. And when you are thrown into work fully again, with early starts, lots of driving, long shifts and busy routes, it makes one tired. It makes me tired. Although that might be the wrong word. The better word is probably weary. Down to the bone. And then when I got home, I wanted food. Fatty or sugary would be best. Although yesterday I did eat proper food. Sad to say it was double portion. Big portions at that! Anyway, one more day at work and then a day off. I will need it. 

The most important thing though: NO HEADACHES IN TWO MONTHS!!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Photo on Sunday 2015-12

When in need, use Oswin! Now, you know of course that the structure in the photo is the chicken coop. Not in use as such and slowly disintegrating. As you can see in the photo one plank is missing. A perfect way of getting into the chicken coop. And hiding from whatever. 

Which is exactly what Oswin does on occasion. Not quite sure why she did on that particular day, since the weather was fine enough! Perhaps there was a mouse hiding in there! Click on the first photo and you can see Oswin getting out!

Friday, 3 April 2015

At a loss

I must admit I am at a bit of a loss. I was planning to write a whole post about apple juice, but it was boring and was not good enough to be posted. Then I thought about a post about headaches, but I've written more than enough about headaches, you don't need me to write another one. Although you might like to know I only had one since coming out of the hospital and that was self-inflicted (too much chocolate). 

I could write about work, which will start at half past four today for me. Which will actually mean I will miss the Best of Eurovision concert on the BBC, but I will tape it and see it tomorrow. Speaking of Eurovision: I ordered the latest cd of this year's Eurovision, which for the very first time will include an Australian entry! They got a wildcard to enter. Eurovision just got even bigger. 

Anyway, this was a post about being at a loss. I wonder whether I have any photos of mazes or labyrinths...