Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas preparations

I don't think I have ever been so slow with preparing and decorating for Christmas as this year. I have a good excuse of course: I had a massive cold recently and I do work on occasion as well. Another hindrance to getting to it, is the fact that everything is stored in the loft. Which is 'easily' accessible, yet not so easy at the same time. The stairs to the loft are actually a sort of glorified ladder!

Anyway, after having gotten down my Christmas clothes last week, yesterday I got two more crates down. One filled with knit wear (ie my wreath and my nativity scene) and the other filled with hangings of some sort or other. The first one (and largest one) was emptied out and then filled up again as well. With lots of dvd's. What with family coming over (although not staying, apart from my sister), I need room. For Christmas decorations, dining table and a tree. 

Which meant that I would need to clear out some other things. Dvd's do take up quite some room, so now I only have the Christmas Dvd's out and some other films I wouldn't mind seeing again. All other films and series (apart from Doctor Who of course) have been crated up. Not sure where they will end up though. Since that staircase really is more of a ladder...

Ah well, so far so good and I have the first decorations up. Two weeks to go!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Oh wow!

You will probably know (I have been banging on about it often enough), that I knit and then sell mice. I always have a lot of fun making the small mice: picking the colours, trying (and often failing) to put everything on straight and eventually taking a photograph for them to be shown on my other blog Mice for Mama.

I am not too fond of making the large mice. They are exactly the same as the small ones, same amount of stitches, same everything. Just thicker thread and they turn out bigger. I just don't like making them. The thing is though: not many people like buying them either! So, I decided to only make them to order from now on. I still have two left for sale, but other than those: order only. 

The third type of mice I knit are the special mice. The seasonal ones. I made two for Halloween and I made two for Christmas. I love making them. Picking out a theme, thinking of what special attribute or look they should have and then finding everything I need to make that special mouse. So far, I have made a clown with big feet and pompoms, a Mouse of Frankenstein with spiders all over. A Santa Mouse with sack and teddy and an angel mouse with wings and halo. These however, I will NOT make to order.

As of today, all I have left for sale are two large mice and the two Halloween mice. Everything else was sold. The one colleague today who wanted a mouse couldn't choose between the five small ones I had left and took the lot! Which means that I basically have to get away from this computer and start knitting the first of next year's batch! 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Brom has a birthday!!


Guess what! It's my birthday today. Unfortunately Mara was at work all day long, but while she was away, I celebrated with Oswin and Mouse! We had a ball. 

But then Mara came home again and she gave me my gift. A very good gift, since I wanted something that showed I was Dutch for a long time. 

She got me clogs! Now I can clog dance!!

Happy birthday to me.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

It's Calendar time!!


Guess what, Mara had me pick this year's winners of her calendar! A bit of a consolation prize I think, but I did the job and now here I am to tell you all about. 

First of all, Mara wrote out all the names of the commenters on little pieces of paper. Then she scrunched them up and came looking for me. 

She threw all the little balls of paper in the air and I immediately caught the first winner. A very deserving one as well. 

Then she did it again and I sniffed another winner out! Again very deserving. Both of them have won before, so I hope they like this year's version. WITHOUT ME!!!!

Oh, and congratulations to Yamini and Janice Adcock. The calendars will be sent this week Mara says.

Monday, 4 December 2017


I enjoy a quiz. I really do. I watch University Challenge and sometimes I actually understand the question. Even more sometimes I can answer it! I have a knowledge of a lot of things. Useless knowledge mainly, but on occasion it works. When watching a quiz for example.

But I also like to participate in a quiz. In fact, in my younger years, while living in England, I was part of the pub quiz team. Every Sunday we would drive to another pub for our weekly fix. We weren't very good, but then again: we were mainly a group of young people who knew nothing about the world yet. And the fact that we ended in last place? Fine with us! During my second year I couldn't do it anymore: a different job meant I wasn't free on Sunday evenings anymore. 

Recently I have been taking part in three quizzes. The first one was during the union course. Our team won. The second one was again during the union course. We won again, but some said we had cheated and when the deciding question came: we came up with nothing. So, we lost. 

I was the only there who had 'dressed up' for Christmas.
Dress, earrings and headband
The last time was last Friday. A local radio station had organised the Big Christmas Quiz at a local hotel. I was part of one of the 67 teams that took part. My colleagues felt that my knowledge of all things Eurovision (don't know that much really) would help us secure a win. And if that failed: my knowledge of Christmas films. 

It turned out I didn't know any of the answers. All the questions were on local people, sports, events and places. No Eurovision, no geography, no flags, no useless knowledge. And no Christmas, which I found to be quite strange since it was the Big Christmas Quiz! 

Halfway through we were right in the middle with our 14 points. The top team at that point had 28. And then the strangest thing happened. Even though we only got 12 more points (according to us anyway), we won. We actually won! We got the cup and we got the prize (five-course dinner plus a sleep-over plus breakfast for two for each of us). 

We still don't know how it happened and we may never know. But it was a nice way to start December!

Update: Late Sunday night (I wrote this post on Sunday afternoon) it was announced that there had been some problems with Excel, which resulted in the wrong team (ie us) winning. In other words: we did not win. Not even close to winning. I wonder whether we can keep the cup though?

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Photo on Sunday 2017-41

It was cold in Haugesund the past few days. Freezing in fact! 

Unfortunately the tap had not been turned off inside and the drip drip drip had frozen over into a popsicle!

Friday, 1 December 2017

Give-away and charity

It's the last stretch! Only a few more days to have a chance of winning one of the two desk-top calendars. Make your way over to THIS POST and leave a comment. That's all you need to do, if you haven't done so already of course!

In other news: several charities have been mentioned to me for next year's Mice for Mama charity, either through this blog or through Facebook. If you know of any other ones that fulfill the criteria for next year, please leave a comment with the link. 

The ones so far: Guide dogs for the Blind (Norway), suggested by yours truly. People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (UK), help sponsor a sick animal when the owner him/herself can't afford it, suggested by Yamini. Dueker Ranch Therapeutic Horse Center (USA), suggested by Christine S and Paws to People (USA), finding cures for illnesses that hit both humans and people, suggested by Sue S. More are welcome. 

The criteria for next year's charity are: 
  • Interaction between animal and human. 
  • It can be any type of animal (dogs, horses, cats, guinea pigs, elephants, spiders to name but a few)
  • It does need to be a trusted charity, location is of secondary importance. 

The final charity will be picked out by my Mama (and yes, Papa as well) at the end of the year. 

PS: if you have any trouble opening any of the links to the charities, please let me know.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

So, does it work?

The question I have been asked quite a bit recently is exactly that one: does it work? And it refers of course to the physiotherapy. The honest answer to that is: I don't know. I have a feeling, but I have had those type of feelings before and they were always (proved) wrong.

The thing is, I will usually go without a headache for up to two weeks and the last time I had one was November 14th. Just over two weeks ago. Granted, it was only a level 1, meaning I could work and was not hindered much by it and the next day it did not grow into a level 3 headache, which would usually have happened. Positive!

This week however, would be the clincher. According to the old pattern I would be due a headache. Guess what: I got one! 

Now don't all sigh in frustration (I certainly don't), because this is NOT a tension headache. Nor is it a migraine. I have an absolute stinking cold and that always comes with a side order of headache! Which means I am keeping warm (hard to do in a bus that is -4 degrees when you start her up), drinking lots, swallowing paracetamol to keep the fever at bay and generally feeling a bit sorry for myself. 

My nose is the same colour as that jacket and hat
On the subject of a cold though: where does all that snot come from??

Monday, 27 November 2017


It was early in the morning of the 26th. The lorry was coming that day and we had some last minute business to finish off. Once the lorry arrived, it was soon filled with the stuff that was going. And before long, it drove off. Carrying the stuff to a new life.

It was even earlier in the morning of the 27th. It was the day that I would follow the stuff to a new life. 

I don't remember too much of those last two/three days in the Netherlands. Yes, I spent one day at my friends' house making silly things. Yes, they were early mornings. But I think part of me worked on auto-pilot. 

I had forgotten about the snow though
I do remember quite well those first few days in Norway though. The tension, the bad nights, the loneliness, the newness. I knew nothing and nobody, I hardly understood anybody (although they understood me just fine). It was hard! 

Over time (read a few weeks) I got used to things. I got to know people. Having my sister come over for Christmas was great (in fact, she is coming again this year) and very helpful. 

Today it has been five years since moving to Norway. What will the future hold?