Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-08

Wow, several of you knew this was the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium, built for the World Expo of 1958. It represents an iron molecule. Points go to Bettina, Fun60, Gera, Gerrit, Harm and Yamini. Millie and Walter get a quarter point for mentioning molecule.
My story? I have seen this landmark several times, most often because I went to a large multiplex cinema which was in the same area. I remember watching Home Alone there when I was living in Brussels for a few months. I think this photo stems from a holiday my sister and I took to Belgium and Luxemburg around 1996, but apart from this photo, we did not enter the building, going to the cinema instead. Since we were there it has been completely overhauled.

On to this week's challenge. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week. Oh, and by the way, look out for the antsy story later this week.


  1. Dit kan niet missen! De Eiffeltoren in Parijs. Voor het eerst bezocht tijdens onze huwelijksreis in 1987. Daarna nog in 1994 en 2010.

  2. Eiffel tower in Paris France. Very cold time when we were there.

  3. Hari OM
    Well, who doesn't recognise the Jardin de Trocadero and Eiffel Tower? And yes, most definitely have been there! On that big family trip in the tiny camper van. Memories of Paris include:
    - going the wrong way down a one-way street, incurring French ire
    - taking the Metro everywhere
    - Climbing to the top of Notre Dame and having my first serious vertigo episode in which dad saved me from landing on the pavement far below
    - subsequently refusing to go up the Tower
    - sitting by the side of Seine thinking I didn't actually like this city very much...
    YAM xx

  4. That's the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. We've never been but would love to go some day.

  5. Sunday June 9, 2011 is when I saw the Eiffel Tower. It was a dream come true for me. I was in Europe for 3 weeks while my husband Mark was there on business. June 24th, the evening of our anniversary we took a boat ride on the
    Seine River and I got to see it all lite up at night.

  6. Such an iconic photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Unless you are trying for a trick and it is one in China or a photoshopped Vegas. I have not seen any of them in person. My son has seen the one in Paris multiple times when he worked for Home Away now VBRO. He even attended some function in the Gustave Eiffel Reception Room. He was hyped about that particular function. Hugs

  7. The Eiffel Tower in Paris. I have been there a few times but in April I am taking my 7 yr old granddaughter to Paris for a few days and the Tower is the first on our list of attractions.

  8. Eiffel Tower, Paris. I love your photo the view is wonderful. I have been there several times and even got to the top once. I think it is amazing to stand underneath and look up.

  9. Dit is overduidelijk de eiffeltoren in Parijs. Zelfs ooit nog naar boven geweest.


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