Saturday, 19 December 2020

Seeing the world

I was in bed the other day and had just woken up. I was about to get up, so I grabbed my glasses. As I did so, I realised something was missing: one of the sides was gone. I found it on the floor. Annoying.

I got downstairs where I have a spare pair. They look the same, but they are different. The pair I always used was nice and comfy. The spare pair was tight and fairly painful. Fortunately I would have to work and I always wear my night- or sunglasses there. 

Talking about those sunglasses: we have just gotten new buses and the screens inside (the ones with the routes and stuff) are not good with the glasses I have, as my sunglasses are polarised. Annoying.

Trying on with the drawn lines and text
After work I made my way to a local opticien. It was the same chain as the one I got the glasses from originally in Northern Ireland. The regular glasses could not be fixed. Yes, they put some glue in them, but they now function only as a spare pair. The spare pair would now have to become the regular pair, but needed adjusting first of all.

Next on the list were the sunglasses: how much would it cost to get them de-polarised? How much??? Well, I needed to think on that one. But at least I could wear some glasses again.

This morning I went to another opticien. A chain I always frequented when in the Netherlands and they always offered good service. After an eye test (they are worse again), the picking of the glasses started. In the end I found 4 pairs I was happy with. 

My new glasses. The two pairs on the left will be doubled
Yes, four pairs. An heir and a spare for each: day, night and sun. And there was an offer on anyway of get three, pay for one! However, there was one thing that I had to get as well: my reading has deteriorated somewhat from before and I now need varifocals, ie the little reading bit at the bottom! That put the price right up! 

Ah well, from January 2nd, I will have six new pairs of glasses. So I can see the world properly again!


  1. You sure will have lots of glasses to choose from now. At least if one breaks you will have a spare.

  2. Hari OM
    I have glasses for use in each room because in each room a different focus is required! It's a pricey business - but an essential one. YAM xx

    1. I have a set for work and a set for the car. My regular day glasses are for everywhere and the spare pair is at home. If needed, I can use my night glasses as spare as well.

  3. I need glasses sort of and sort of not. It's weird. One eye improved enough that I don't legally need glasses to drive. And I can read well enough without them too.

    BTW, we just watched Dutch TV for the first time. That's right! Schouwendam 12 if I remember the spelling.

  4. I have prescription sun glasses, but never remember to bring them along in the car, especially on the days when the bright sun is shining on white snow.

  5. Oh, the joys of eye ware. And eyes that shall we say are not as young as they once were. In late summer I had new lenses placed in old frames. Why, because I will need cataract surgery within a year. Anyway at the end of November one of my earpieces fell off. I chose new frames according to which ones would work with the lenses I had purchased in late summer. This all happened the same day I picked up my new hearing aids. The $$$$ were just pouring our of the bank account. Oh, well. You enjoy your better vision! Hugs.

    1. I wanted to re-use my old frames, but that would actually cost me more than getting new ones! I will however leave my old glasses at the opticiens once I have picked up my new ones. They use them for charity I believe.


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