Thursday, 10 December 2020

And on we go

The knee finally felt okay enough and the head was feeling good as well. So, it was time for another walk out in the countryside. The last (local) walk was okay, but only just. There was just too much built up area to be any kind of fun at all. 

So, I trawled through the archives of the Dutch Forestry Commission and found a walk that suited me a lot more. It needed a drive to and from, but that was fine. Once I arrived at the parking lot I could not find the walk I wanted to do, but on an information board close by I found another walk that would be about equal distance (6 km). So, instead of the blue signs, I followed the yellow ones.

Some areas of the walk were also used by mountain bikers (I only saw the tracks fortunately) and there the paths were extremely muddy and difficult to navigate. But, mostly it was reasonably dry. As it was quite foggy any view that there might be, was ruined somewhat, but it was a good walk nonetheless. 

At the end of the walk I found my blue signs, so I put that in the back of my head for another day. By the time I had finished my walk, I noticed the walk was not nearly as long as 'advertised' on the information board: it was 4,7 km max! A bit of a shame, but at least I got that in. On the Forestry's site it stated the walk was 5 km, so much closer to the real thing. 

After putting my regular shoes on, brushing off my walking shoes (oh yes, I bought a brush especially), eating my treat, and putting everything back in place, I drove home. Another good day. 


  1. That sounds like a nice walk even if it was shorter than you wanted. Now you have the blue trail to follow the next time.

  2. Any day when one feels good enough to walk almost 5 km is a really good day.

  3. Hari OM
    more than good, I would say! YAM xx

  4. That looks like a very nice walk. We can just imagine the smell of the trees and leaves, and the sounds of the countryside muted by the fog.

  5. Good. I hope the knee holds up.

  6. That was a good walk for keeping your health ! I for the moment stay rather inside it is so wet outside and cold !

  7. Walking is good for every inch our our minds and bodies
    It certainly is good to have fresh air...
    Hugs Cecilia


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