Monday, 21 December 2020

Me, myself and I

July 2012, at the Navy Days
Last February I started to take a photo of myself on the first of the month. And then every month after that. I started off with a real chubby face back in February and right now I can definitely see I have lost weight. 

November 2013, at a staff Christmas party
However, I felt that only starting in February was a bit strange really. After all there are plenty of photos of me and if I could find one for each month, I could really see the changes in me. Not only weight wise, but hairstyle wise as well! 

July 2016, during a hike
Over the past ten years, I have had red, blonde and mousey hair. It has been short, medium, long, short again. And then long again and short again. Up and down, like a yo-yo. The glasses have remained more or less the same, as I know what style I like (the new ones are going to be a bit of a change).

August 2015, at the climbing park with Pepperfly
But, what I also found is what fun I had. With colleagues, friends and family. Here, there and everywhere. Then I looked at the last couple of years and what was missing? Right, the fun. Yes, it was there when I spent time with my sister back in NI, but especially the photos I took since February are quite soulless. 

January 2011, playing silly
It needs to change. Last night my father said why not join a choir. I wonder if he has heard of this little thing called Corona. Mind you, I am back at work again and have joined the staff club. Which can't do much right now either, but there will come a day...

December 2012, BORING!
I also started walking again, getting out there in nature, doing things. Which has to make better photos than the door! So, from the coming month, there will only be photos taken out and about or with other people. No more boring ones in front of the door.


  1. Hari OM
    Photos are the best record for immediate impact, no question! Getting out and about is surely one of the best mood-lifters... though here at the Hutch today, there will be no outing, due to extreme precipitation. YAM xx

    1. It started to rain today, halfway through my walk. Which meant putting the camera away.


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