Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Check, check and.... check!

It's been a few days since I last wrote and if you think I have been resting on my laurels ever since last Sunday, you would be very much mistaken. I have been very busy! For starters, I still work full time (last day tomorrow though, pfew) and I have to organise any packing around that. 

On Sunday one of my friends came over to collect some wine I had for her and she talked me into moving. I am not living here anymore already, although I haven't moved out yet. Instead, I am staying at my friend's house, where there is no chaos and where I can just relax.

In between shifts (I have had split shifts this week), I go home and pack. And pack. And pack. Because I am now living elsewhere, I was able to get all my bedding washed, plus towels and any clothes left. Yesterday I got a bit of a nasty shock though, when I still found two kitchen cupboards full to the brim. I managed to get some packed yesterday and will do the rest today. 

After that it is just trying to find anything that has thus far escaped being packed and tidying up before the lorry comes on Friday to take everything away.

As you may remember as well: I needed to apply for an import permission and two days ago I received the news that I had it. Which makes things a lot easier for the moving company, since they can then import all my stuff without any trouble for me later on. The same permission also goes for Miss Oswin, so I will have to take good care of the number. 

Talking of Miss O, I am sure she is feeling a bit abandoned at the moment. House in complete disarray, her climbing steps to her cupboard taken apart and gone to the great big pile of things to move, food at strange times. She is getting used to the big new crate (it's massive, honestly) and has been seen sleeping in it, but I have yet to put the lid on. Perhaps it will be different then.

So, that's us. Trying to get everything done in the short time we have left. But, we're nearly there!


  1. My goodness, you're moving right along.

  2. Hari OM
    Well thanks for the update - wasn't going to worry you with asking as I know full well the strain - even though it is a positive one! YAM xx

  3. Good luck with everything! Hope things go well with Miss Oswin too!

  4. You have made excellent progress. All your ducks seem to be in a row!

  5. How kind of your friend to have you over. I had just the same kind of good friend in Springfield before we moved. She did get more than she bargained as Gene's mom passed and we had to stay 5 days longer than planned. See you on the other side of the channel.


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