Sunday, 22 April 2018

And now for something different

Lighthouse on ?
 When I started in my current (not for long) job, there was another person who started the very same day: another Dutchman. He had been living in Norway for several years already and understood better what was going on. During those first few weeks, he was a great support to me, being able to explain things and such.

Recognise these? The rowing boats ready for this year's race.
Well, as soon as the second to right has been pumped dry...
One day though, we had different shifts and he was asked where his wife was. Ehm, who? Well, eh, Mara? She's not my wife! But it stuck somehow and ever since we have referred to each other as husband and wife, even though he had a girlfriend. When he left the company, we got divorced and he (really) married his girlfriend. 

Avaldsnes Church
Last night I met up with my ex-husband and another Dutch friend. We were going boating around some islands to get the last sights of Haugesund. Unfortunately I had already packed all the warm winter stuff, but the boat was well-equipped and a blanket was soon found for me.

Not quite so fit anymore
It was a lovely trip. I had taken my camera with me for some last shots and was enjoying the gentle chugging along. It was cold and on occasion a bit of drizzle came along as well, but overall, it was great.

My ex-husband being stabbed
After about an hour and a half or so (I think, it could have been a bit more), we got to dry land again so we could get some dinner. It was good food and even better company. At the end of the evening, I was taken home by boat and car. A lovely way to say goodbye to my Dutch friends/ex-husband!


  1. Hari OM
    ...and to Haugesund - those are wonderful views, if touched by a degree of melancholy. YAM xx

    1. It was a good last view, even though I will only be leaving in a week's time.

  2. I seems like a good sort of goodbye.

  3. We think goodbyes are always hard so making them nice is better.

    1. I totally agree. And it was a really lovely night.

  4. Sounds like a nice time. That's a cute story you shared.

  5. Those goodbyes can be great fun. Other times sad. Not long now for you!


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