Friday, 29 December 2017


Even though we are not a family who exchange Christmas gifts*, my sister and I usually give each other a present or two when we meet up over Christmas. This year there were several gifts under the Christmas tree however. Some for my sister, some for me and even one (from our landlord) for Miss O. Who was very appreciative of the ribbon, yet not so much of the present itself... Brom however thought it was perfect and has worn it every day so far.

My presents were great as well: a lovely necklace that I had bought for myself. I got two of them, this one with the pearls and another one with dark grey coloured stones that I gave to my sister. 

Then there was a pussycat. Not a real one, but a tea light holder. It was given to me by my friend here in Norway. I was supposed to make fudge for her, but I never found the time unfortunately. It will hold however and fudge tastes great after Christmas as well...

The next present was given to me by Yamini. I knew it was a book when I first got the present, but there is books and there is books. This was a brilliant 'knit Scotland' book. From Billy Connolly to Bagpipes and all other things Scottish in between. Plus there was some chocolate. Which is always appreciated.

Then I got a present from my sister. I already knew what it was really, since she had asked whether I would like to go, but still. It is a ticket to my favourite play: The Importance of Being Earnest. I remember reading it in English class while in high school. Everybody had to take a turn reading out loud, but I never got a turn. The teacher had seen me reading and chuckling and smiling and laughing and just skipped me. I have loved that play ever since and now I get to see it in real life. 

I think I was spoilt!

*When I grew up in the Netherlands most families celebrated St Nicholas on December 5th. That's when the presents arrived. Christmas was a purely Christian celebration in most families I knew. 


  1. Hari OM
    ...and I sit here in horror that I left the sticker on the book! Brom looks totally gorgeous in the head dress... and that necklace is very pretty indeed. To be worn to the theatre, I have no doubt! TIoBE is a wonderful example of comedic farce - did you see the film version with Rupert Everett? It does work best on stage though. Golly though, you've got a bit of a wait - and a ways to travel - to see it!!! YAM xx

    1. You didn't leave the sticker on the book.

      I have seen (and own it on dvd) the film with Rupert Everett. A few months ago there was an older version on tv as well, but I was to late starting it and didn't want to record only half of it.

  2. It looks like you got some nice pressies. We can't wait to see you bring Scotland to life with your knitting.

  3. We always did St. Nicholas and Santa. I hope to do St. Nicholas with my grandchildren some day. I did for my children when they were young. I love your gifts and enjoy the play! Happy New Year....


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