Thursday, 7 December 2017

Oh wow!

You will probably know (I have been banging on about it often enough), that I knit and then sell mice. I always have a lot of fun making the small mice: picking the colours, trying (and often failing) to put everything on straight and eventually taking a photograph for them to be shown on my other blog Mice for Mama.

I am not too fond of making the large mice. They are exactly the same as the small ones, same amount of stitches, same everything. Just thicker thread and they turn out bigger. I just don't like making them. The thing is though: not many people like buying them either! So, I decided to only make them to order from now on. I still have two left for sale, but other than those: order only. 

The third type of mice I knit are the special mice. The seasonal ones. I made two for Halloween and I made two for Christmas. I love making them. Picking out a theme, thinking of what special attribute or look they should have and then finding everything I need to make that special mouse. So far, I have made a clown with big feet and pompoms, a Mouse of Frankenstein with spiders all over. A Santa Mouse with sack and teddy and an angel mouse with wings and halo. These however, I will NOT make to order.

As of today, all I have left for sale are two large mice and the two Halloween mice. Everything else was sold. The one colleague today who wanted a mouse couldn't choose between the five small ones I had left and took the lot! Which means that I basically have to get away from this computer and start knitting the first of next year's batch! 


  1. Hari om
    Well that is great news about the sales! I love the large mice - Loother & Looie are grand companions. It is quite a fair thing to make to order though. I have to keep shutting my eyes and heart 'coz they are just too cute!!! YAM xx

    1. I love the large mice too, they are very soft and cuddly. But for some reason I don't like making them too much. Don't know why, since I don't change the pattern at all.

      I had better get going now though. Mice to knit you know!!

  2. Great for you and the project!

    1. And thanks to you and a lot of other people the project has worked so far!

  3. Your mice are the only ones we like cuz they are so cute!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Nice variety. I never realized that you were so creative about making seasonal mice.

  5. Mara your Grandma is surely smiling down at your accomplishments and creativity!! I love the themed mice.
    The angel is just beautiful
    Hugs Cecilia


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