Monday, 28 December 2015

What's for dinner?

Even though there was only the three of us spending Christmas together, I had to make dinner for myself only, since Brom doesn't really partake and Miss Oswin has her own food. Which is strictly cat food! But even if I was cooking for myself, I still wanted to have a nice Christmas dinner. 

On Christmas Eve I made a dish that is quite popular here in Norway. And instead of having to buy a huge rack of pork ribs (there is more fat than ribs), I was actually able to bag a portion, which meant I didn't have to eat the same thing for ten days straight. I can tell you: it gets pretty boring. It was accompanied by roast potatoes, sprouts and home-made apple and plum compote. Yum.

On Christmas Day I prepared duck. Accompanied by (again) roast potatoes and red cabbage. And for afters: fudge! Good food. On Boxing Day I prepared grouse. I think I must have done something wrong though, because it tasted foul and most of the grouse ended up in the bin. I just couldn't eat it, I shiver even thinking about it! 

Now, I didn't eat all that food. I had a few leftovers from all the meals. Fortunately I had a plan. All the meat I had left over would go into the bottom of a large oven dish. Unfortunately, due to the icky grouse, I didn't have that much, but rummaging through the freezer paid off and I found some sausages. Once they were defrosted and cooked I sliced them up and put half of them with the rest of the meat. Which by the way was covered in my red wine sauce. 

Then I found the jar of compote and spread the meat liberally with it. There was an old red cabbage still lingering in the kitchen which I sliced up and cooked and then covered the compote with. And last but not least I boiled potatoes, mashed them and put that on top. 

I couldn't resist!
By this time I had had my dinner already: pumpkin soup (from the freezer) with the remainder of the sausages. While everything had been cooking and boiling and such, I had prepared a desert. The first proper one of the holidays. I had made fudge using rummy raisins last week, but had not used all the raisins. Well, they are gone now. I put them in the bottom of my pudding thingy, made a thick custard and left it to set properly. After a few hours it was set enough and I could get it on a plate. 

Today's dinner: leftover red cabbage dish (or hunter's dish) and custard pudding. Yum!


  1. Oh yum, yum...can I come to tea?????
    I haf done a Fank yous post dear Miss Oswain, fank you sooooo much fur my WONDERFUL Christmas prezzies, they ARE pawsome!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Jumpin' catfish I wonder if my tunnel will stretch under the pond to your house? That looks delish
    Hugs madi and mom

  3. OMD OMC OMB Could we come to YOUR PLACE fur supper??? These all Sound SCRUMPTIOUS... except maybe fur the GROUSE...

    Love that Custard Dessert...

  4. Your meals sound delicious. My husband loves duck. I've never made one. I do love red cabbage too. I think I would have enjoyed your cooking.

  5. Hari Om
    Grousing about the grouse, eh? Slow and long hanging in order to 'gamify' the bird is required (like pheasant, peacock, goose etc).... then long, low roasting. Removing the lead-shot is probably a good idea also. Beyond that, I got nothin'...

    Very creative cuisine, though. You practicing for Masterchef?????? YAM xx

    1. It wasn't a fresh grouse, it was frozen. So how long it had been hanging and slowing and gamifying I haven't a clue. I didn't find any lead-shot, but that might have had more to do with the fact I threw it away. It was just all bones (thin as fish bones) and a horrid flavour. Perhaps it was too long in the oven, perhaps not long enough, but the taste was not pleasant at all. And there was hardly any meat on the thing either. Nope, that was a bust in my otherwise yummy Christmas.

      As for Masterchef? Everything I made I either knew how to make or it was written on the package (apart from the grouse that is). I don't think that would be enough to get me into the Masterchef kitchen. Even if I wanted...

    2. ..hehehe, but they all started somewhere!!! I reckon you have made great efforts this year. Let the grouse be the one negative which proves the rest... Hogmanay slainte to you lass.!!!!!!! &*>

  6. That food was definitely made for sharing except possibly the grouse.

  7. That was a lot of cooking! I have been on cooking vacation while doing several crafts and sewing projects for Christmas. the pudding custard looks yummy.

    1. Now, I could have done that, but since I live on my own, I would have been a bit thinner by now! As it is though, probably a bit more weighty than before.


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