Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Oh... Fu..dge!

A few days ago you may have read the short mention of my sister and I making fudge. I decided to try it at home as well. I had the condensed milk, butter and sugar, so I was set. Well, I might have been set, not so however the fudge. The pan might have been a bit too small, because at the point the mixture had to start looking like bubbling lava, my mixture didn't only look like bubbling lava, it looked like an exploding vulcano! The stove was covered with sticky, albeit yummy, goo. Fail!

I had found a different recipe and after reading up on condensed or evaporated milk (basically the same, but condensed has added sugar), I read the label on my condensed milk and found out it was unsweetened, so basically evaporated milk. Happy with that, I made the second batch. I had some white chocolate, which we used at my sister's, but I also had some whiskey. Whiskey it was and boy did it taste good! Pass!

Today I wanted to make another batch and after stocking up on evaporated milk and sugar, I went ahead. For some reason I used more sugar than the recipe called for. Now, that would have been okay if I had then not poured the whole mixture over too much white chocolate. Instead of having to beat it for ten minutes to make it go firm enough to pour into its setting tray, it became one block of crumble. It tasted okay, but it still ended up in the bin. Fail!

After an hour and a half's rest (it's tiring stirring for nearly 45 minutes straight), I decided I wanted to have one last go of today. In went the evaporated milk, the sugar and the butter (1). After about twenty minutes with some gentle stirring everything was dissolved (2). Time to put the heat up. Lava bubbling nicely (3) and me starting to stir a bit more vigourously, all the while taking its temperature. Once it got up to the minimum required temperature (4) I stirred for a few more minutes before taking it off the fire and pouring it in another pan. There I added some raisins and then a few more. After a further 10 minutes of beating the fudge into submission I felt it was enough and poured it into its tin to cool (5). So far, so good: Pass!

PS: do you think I ought to have mentioned the fact that the raisins were soaked in rum? 


  1. I notice that when you say "pass" that you are failing to "pass" the fudge to the rest of us. You grinch you. ;)

  2. We are gonna need a sample of this!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Crikey ....... Pass it round, aye?? Rum soaked raisin fudge!!! Can I come to your house for Christmas??

  4. Mommy wants some of that please

    Ziggy Out!!

  5. Hari om
    ...errrr, could whiskey plus rum have anything to do with the erratic results??? Not in the mix, but the operator!
    Written from Abu Dhabi airport... YAM xx

  6. Miss Mara,
    MOL MOL MOL you spiked the Fudge with Rummy raisins.
    Mom and I sent you an email....
    Hugs to you, Ms. Oswin and Brom,
    madi your bfff

  7. Looks yummy. I didn't make any fudge this year.
    Happy New Year.....

  8. You must have serious muscles for all that beating.


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