Friday, 27 November 2015

The evil-doer (or culprit if you want me to speak proper)

Yummy fresh mozzarella made from water buffalo milk
I think I can safely say that I have had my fair share of headaches over the years. I can actually remember from when I was quite young that I had a headache. I would come down late at night and my mother would be waiting for me with a glass of water and some children´s aspirin. 

Over the years the amount of headaches fluctuated. While in France and Italy I can´t remember many, but England was another story altogether. I later realised of course that the amount of coffee I was drinking was not good. I would drink extra strong coffee and then a few days later I would have a splitting headache. 

I cut out coffee from my diet, but still the headaches continued. I found out that too much chocolate was not good. So, I cut down on that as well, only occasionally falling off the wagon. But, as I have said before: nearly anything could/can give me a headache. Too much wind and sun combined? Tick. Getting/having my period? Tick. Not having a cold, but being blocked up anyway? Tick. 

Peccorino cheese made from sheep´s milk
Then I got operated on and the main thing of getting/having my period was gone from my life. And lo and behold: no headaches for about a month. And I had had chocolate! But during the summer I had some pretty bad ones, even having to call in sick for two days. So, what was the problem?

Well, I think I have finally figured it out. Pizza! Not necessarily the pizza itself, but one of its toppings. The cheese. I started cutting out cheese some time in August, but would on occasion still get headaches. I realised, it must be the cheese on the pizza. Which means, that from now on I will only make my own pizzas and I will not have cheese on it. 

It is a shame, but if not having any more cheese means I can finally get rid of my headaches... 


  1. Sorry about that. Missing those things is not fun, but it is better than the headaches.

  2. Hari OM
    .... oh yes, I believe a great aunt of mine had this reaction to cheese... "sick headaches" she used to call them! Oh I do hope that this does prove to be the main culprit and that you finally get some freedom from the nasties!!! YAM xx

    1. I had heard about it, hence me (nearly) stopping to eat it. Mind you, I never really ate a lot of it anyway.

      And I am with you on hoping!

  3. I have always heard aging process in things and nitrates can cause headaches. If I eat country ham (it is full of nitrates) it makes my ears turn red and burn.
    Hugs Madi's Mom

  4. That may seem odd but our mom swears that a certain cheddar cheese made her depressed. It's all chemicals!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. I never like Cheddar Cheese. It looks so plasticy!

  5. Really, cheese? I had no idea that cheese could do that. I love Buffalo Mozzarella cheese. I just found this on Google:
    Cheese: Older Isn't Better for Migraines. "There is not much research on cheese as a migraine trigger, but it is generally agreed that aged cheese is more likely to cause a headache," explains Rosen. The culprit may be a substance called tyramine that forms as the proteins in cheese break down over time. Here is the link for more:


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