Thursday 5 November 2015

Oh cripes

Well, I did it. I got myself a brand new computer. A snazzy screen, a new keyboard that kept me looking for about a day for the / sign and a lot more besides. However, to save some money, I decided I would do without the service part and set it all up myself. I am after all digilliterate (meaning I haven´t got a clue about computers), but not stupid. I hope.

So far, so good. I got the thing connected. I managed to hook it up to the internet and even managed to transfer some files (taking it slow there, mainly because the other computer is slow). But, and this is a big but, there is something very annoying with this new computer and I don´t know how to get rid of the very annoying thing. 

Whenever I click on something, a site I don´t want pops up. And when I read my blog just now, several words were in capital letters and would lead me to other sites again. 

HELP!! How do I get rid of that, because it is extremely annoying!! The other thing I still have to figure out: all the interpunction thingies. They are not where they are supposed to be. Now, that might have something to do with the fact that I changed the setting of the keyboard to Dutch, but even then they are not where they are supposed to be. 

However, other than that I am quite pleased with my new computer. Even if it does take up some room on my dining table. It´s a good thing I never eat at the table!

Update: I think I found out about all the unwanted ads. Now about those #$"%&§


  1. You likely need an extension called Ad Block. At least Firefox and Chrome have it available. I don't know about the default MS browser, however. There should also be security settings somewhere that may help.

  2. We have no idea, sorry! We hope you get it sorted out!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Congrats on your new computer!! We aren't sure what is up, but hope you got it resolved!!

  4. I have every confidence that you will be able to set it up all by yourself!

  5. It's been many years since I have had pop ups, I'm not sure how you get rid of them anymore. I think my Google Chrome does that for me. I'm excited about your new computer. I did all my own transferring on this newer computer and I was proud of that. You go girl, you can do this......

  6. Hari OM
    Anvil's correct; Ad Blocker for Chrome is the way to go.... assuming you opted for Chrome browser. IE is just useless these days, having too many dependencies on commercial connections and often defaulting to Yahoo or Bing - both c****y. Not sure why the keyboard's out of sync though...What is the computer you bought in the end?... and what is the operating software?

    Landed safely, if late, in Sydney last evening and no jetlag! borrowed Mahal's laptop to catch up on blogs, but it could be intermittent...

    YAM xx

    1. Oh yes, I use Chrome! The first thing I did was installing Chrome on the new one. And when I googled unwanted ads, there was a Chrome ad blocker. It found and then removed one virus thingy and now: no problem whatsoever.

      As for the other thing, I set my keyboard to Dutch, while it´s a Norwegian keyboard. Meaning, I have to know where all the signs are. Which I do. Partly anyway. But the Dutch seem to have changed their keyboard, because where the @ is supposed to be (over the 2), it´s not. And the / was difficult to find as well. Until I looked at the keyboard properly. I will get used to it at some point, but at least I don´t have to bother with the Norwegian letters.

    2. ...just wrote for latest post, where you seem to be still havi g trubs... had forgotten i already mentioned ghe adblocker. It works really well for me. Sadly the same ks nof avai for ge YAMroid...

      Yeech too horid scdeentyping!!! Yxx

  7. Did you buy a computer or a laptop and what do you have Window 10 or 8.1 ? There should be something in the settings which block pop ups. I use Firefox and Chrome and have no problems.

  8. Good deal on the ad blocking. Adapting to a new operating system is a challenge for a bit. You are a sharp person so know you will be flying like a jet soon.

  9. Oh dear me we are so UN Techie all we can offer is lots of hugs and kitty purrs that you find the anwer
    Hugs madi your bfff and mom


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