Thursday, 19 November 2015


Now, if you look closely at my plate of home cooked spaghetti, you can see that I don´t like the long spaghetti. I will break it in half before cooking and then I will cut it up even more before eating. The taste stays the same, but it will be much easier to eat: no long spaghetti strands that you try to slurp up all the while leaving a large trail of tomato sauce all over your outfit. Instead I have a forkful of spaghetti AND meatsauce every time.

PS: as to the home cooked part, I cooked the pasta myself as well as the ground beef. The tomato sauce did come however in a glass jar, all ready and raring to go!!


  1. That's how I cook my spaghetti, too! Emmy and Lily always beg me not to break it, but it just fits in the pan better!

  2. Being somewhat perverse, I like the challenge of applying fork to spoon to roll up the spaghetti.

  3. I am a breaker, too. Decades ago the sauce would be from scratch but the jar is just fine at my age.

    1. I probably could make my own sauce from scratch as well, but Mr Dolmio does it so well!!

  4. Another breaker her...along with cutting the pasta up with a knife once it is on my plate.... :-)

  5. That's a crime for the Spaghettis ! You should learn to roll them around the fork, even my 5 year old grandson manages that ! Or do like some tourists in Italian restaurants they look around, take scissors out and cut the spaghettis, hehehe !

  6. Looks yummy. We often use a rotini pasta since they are small already. I've been making meatballs lately and we are really enjoying them.


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