Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I came home from work last night and wanted to watch some television. As I was zapping, I landed on a British channel that had the news on. I hardly ever watch the news. It's so depressing. This time however, it didn't depress me. It made me angry. 

As some of you know, nearly three years ago I had an accident in France. A quick scene-setting: middle of the night, quiet motorway, large coach filled with people. Suddenly I see a silhouette and the next second an almighty bang. It was an illegal immigrant that had tried to cross the motorway to get to his 'camp'. He never got there. 

I was in shock. Spent the day as a guest of the French police (who were very nice to me by the way, definitely helped by my command of the French language) and was eventually let go as it was a regrettable accident, but not my fault. 

I was helped by family, (blog)friends, colleagues and company psychologist to get over it and nearly three years later I was. And then I saw that news report. 

Port workers in Calais, France were on strike and lorries were backing up nearly 30 miles! And in between those lorries were hundreds of young men from so many different countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Kurds from Turkey and many many others. They were trying to get in, on and under the trucks. Threw stones at windshields, tried to force themselves on the drivers. It looked scary! One female Czech driver was scared! 

And I got angry. So angry! I had felt a lot of things right after the accident and later on, but never anger. Yet now I do. Angry at the young man that got killed. Angry at all those young men endangering the lives of hard-working folk doing their job. Angry at those French officials who don't do anything. Just F%$#&*@ ANGRY!!


  1. I don't watch the news much either, but I was watching last night and did see that. I think it's pathetic.

  2. It is so sad to think about.. Sorry that it brought back some bad menories.

  3. Hari OM
    Oh Mara; it is so difficult NOT to be stirred in some fashion by the current overload from the media regarding the refugees. It is certainly irresponsible and regrettable that these fellows have behaved like this...and I feel for you that it has brought back dark thoughts.

    Yet I am also angry - but at Europe as a whole (and particularly the UK) for its attitude to the crisis. Everyone who has sooooo much more than any of these folk wanting to defend their right to keep what they have and not share. Not to offer succour and comfort to folk who have felt strongly enough about their home to leave it... it is not new. The more places like the UK attempt to 'keep them out', the more the anger will ferment in the camps and such behaviours will errupt. Territories lost, territories attacked/defended, territories adjusted and adopted... history is littered with such as this.

    Yes, it was poor and despicable action.Yes the authorities deserve to be derided. The anger is natural.. but let it not become sour, for that would spoil only your own good self... Hugs, YAM xx

  4. I don't watch the news either. I remember when you went through that and my heart hurt for you. I knew of course that it wasn't your fault. I agree with you now on being angry. I am sure it is good to get that anger out and I also believe that timing is everything. Your were not ready for the anger earlier but now you can handle it. You should be angry at the man, what was he thinking???? He let himself down and put you in a position that was unfortunate.

  5. Ditto on everything YAM wrote. She is wise and you are a fine individual. ((( ))) xxx

  6. What an ordeal for you to have to overcome through no fault of your own. You will never be able to erase that event from your memory and have to live with that for ever so it is no wonder you are angry.

  7. I remember when you had this accident. I get also angry when I see the News, and don't talk about French Politicians I get murder instincts !


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